Why You Should Go For Ultra-tooth Dental Implant

Dental Implant

More people are losing teeth due to lifestyle changes such as consuming sugary and highly processed foods. The sugary food results in cavities and chronic toothache, which results in tooth loss in the long run, but frequent brushing and flossing may prevent tooth loss. However, you can reverse tooth loss by seeing an implant dentist Orlando, FL, who understands the impacts of tooth loss on the other teeth. Tooth loss may occur from injuries or extreme decay, rendering the teeth nonfunctional and causing chronic pain. These are the benefits of ultratooth dental implants.

The Process for Installing the Implants Is Quick

The dental implant takes time to heal as the dentist will make incisions on the gums to implant the artificial root canal. Then they customize the crown and fit it into the artificial root once it heals. Therefore, you will visit the dentist several times during the implantation process. However, you can choose the ultratooth device, which places the root and the crown on the jawline in one office visit. The device is FDA-approved for replacing missing teeth and works with precision

You Can Use the Dental Implants Soon After the Treatment

Traditional dental implants will not be fully functional for some time as they need time to heal as the procedure is invasive. You will wait several months before using the dental implants, which results in modifying your diet. However, the ultratooth device ensures a patient uses the dental implant soon after treatment. The device places the artificial root securely into the jawbone, and thus, it is firmly secured into the arch. You will not wait for the jawbone to grow around the artificial root, as it is needed for traditional implants. Therefore, chewing will not pressure the dental implants and result in improper implantation.

The Dental Implant Will Restore The Natural Smile

You can restore the natural smile with the ultratooth device as the implants are customized to meet your needs. The crown will look and feel like the other teeth on the arch, thus improving your smile. They fill the gaps left by the lost teeth recreating the natural smile.

It Prevents Bone Loss

The ultratooth can prevent bone loss like the natural tooth’s roots which stimulate the jaws during chewing. The stimulation allows the jawbone to replace the old bone cells with new cells, keeping the jaw in its natural shape. The dental implant will stimulate the jawbone during chewing as the prosthetic roots stimulate the jaw.

It Is Easy To Maintain

You can maintain the prosthetic dental implants easily as they are hard to chip and stain. You will brush them like natural teeth and avoid biting hard surfaces, which can damage the crown. Additionally, you should floss and brush the dental implants to deal with the food which sticks to their surface, leading to bacterial growth and oral infection.

Dental implants are oral prosthetic appliances that replace lost teeth and contain artificial roots and crowns which resemble natural teeth. They prevent the teeth from moving in the arch, thus dealing with crookedness, oral odors, and infections. Although the traditional implantation method is effective, you can go for ultratooth, a fast and efficient method to place the implants on the jawline. During the treatment, the dentist will drill directly into the jawbone using the ultratooth device and place the implant with a single treatment. You will use the teeth soon after the treatment as they will be firmly placed into the jawbone.