Why Colonoscopy Would Be an Ideal Procedure for You


Some diseases are dangerous, and if not diagnosed early enough, they result in unending deaths. When a patient has colon cancer, it is hard to note since the problem is internal, and they will always complain of stomach problems until the disease has become untreatable. If you or a family member has a problem with their stomach or wants a regular cancer screening, visit a colonoscopy Austin specialist and know your fate. They will examine your colon lining where colon cancer begins and identify any anomalies. In case of any growths or polyps, they will then decide to remove them to avoid further spreading. Here are some top benefits of having a colonoscopy.

Helps Prevent Colon Cancer

 The procedure involves screening your colon for possible polyps that advance to colon cancer. The doctor will begin by cleaning your colon and blowing air into your bowels. They will then insert a pipe which gives access to a thorough inspection. Once they identify any growth along your lining, they will remove them. The growth is common along the colon and the rectum; getting a colonoscopy is essential to identify and remove them before they can advance to cancer that may become untreatable. The problem with polyps is that they are painless hence you may be unable to detect them until they turn cancerous.

Help Detect Other Illnesses

The colon is prone to different conditions, such as diverticulitis and ulcers. A colonoscopy is essential as it detects any other condition that may develop along your colon besides the cancerous polyps. The procedure helps determine whether the condition is mild or severe, and the doctor can devise the ideal treatment. Some severe conditions may warrant surgery, while others only require some medications. If you have any inflammations or abnormalities in your colon, a colonoscopy will help detect them, and the doctor can find the cause and treat any underlying condition.

Supports Other Medical Tests

When you visit a doctor, they may refer you for further testing in the lab. Tests such as stool DNA, sigmoidoscopy, and fecal immunochemical tests may give positive results, forcing the doctor to prescribe a colonoscopy. The tests indicate that you may have intestinal problems; hence, a colonoscopy will help solidify the results. Doctors use it to confirm suspected conditions in your body better.

The Procedure Is Painless and Convenient

Patients may fear when asked to have a colonoscopy thinking it is painful. However, the procedure is painless and convenient. The doctor will insert a colonoscopy into your rectum, and you won’t feel anything. Most patients are comfortable during the procedure as they will be under sedation, ensuring they do not experience pain. Some won’t even remember what happened during the procedure and will only have the results.

Cancer is dangerous, especially at its advanced stage. It is good to stay safe by going for regular checkups. A regular colonoscopy will help identify and diagnose any possible signs of cancer and ensure you receive the right treatment before the problem escalates. You will also benefit by receiving treatment for any other conditions that affect your colon during the procedure.