Dumpor: The Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer


Dumpor is the algorithmic Instagram Story viewer on Instagram, has earned quite an image in the last couple of weeks, and I was compelled to look it up to see what all the hype was about. I knew right away that this would be a very powerful device, however if not careful, it may also cause damage to your reputation, or your security. This is what you should be aware of about dumpor prior to when you install it.

What Is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an application which allows you to private and securely view any Instagram account of any person. You can also look at any person’s profile or followers when they were live, to know who they’re following as well as the number of people they follow. Another awesome feature is that you can look up users by their the location, so you can track those in your neighborhood! There are a lot of untrusted applications that claim to be secure, however they are not as secure as Dumpor’s degree of security. Dumpor was completely rebuilt completely from scratch, using modern code and advanced encryption, which allows it to be the only one in its capabilities to keep your information private. We adhere to a zero-logs policy, which means that we don’t store information in our databases!

If you download dumpor be sure to review our terms and conditions. We value privacy at Dumpor, therefore make sure you use it in a responsible manner. If you experience any issues please write us an email about it , along with any suggestions!

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How to Use It?

If you’re interested in watching someone’s Instas but you want to make sure that they don’t know who you’re there, Dumpor is a great option to do this. Enter their username and Dumpor will show their pictures and stories that have been tagged (if you have them). You can also find out who their followers are and look through their stories without being a follower to follow them back. To keep your identity completely private just close your browser’s window whenever you’re feeling like it. Just one click to be exposed on social media. Luckily Dumpor is a straightforward tool that will keep all its users secure as they go about what they require or desire to do.

In the end, everyone is aware of the dangers of stalking people on social media could be! We at Dumpor we are very concerned about privacy. We secure our servers which means that no data goes out of our hands We are completely against keeping IP addresses or other information that could identify you personally like email addresses, phone numbers or other information. Contrary to other companies.

Why Is It Useful?

A lot of people wish to follow their ex-lovers or other people in secret. They would like to monitor what they’re posting on their social networks, but do not want people to be aware that they’re doing it. There is also a factor of feeling resentment and upset over something. Dumpor lets you browse your ex’s Instagram pictures and stories completely free of them being aware about it. It is not required to sign up in any way, making it totally untraceable. You can be sure there aren’t any photos from family or friends and also by searching for tags within your local area or other areas that are of interest like cities, neighbourhoods, etc.

Users are notified in real time via push notifications, meaning they’ll not miss any interesting news. It’s easy to look up profiles as it draws directly from the phone book of a user (this is only possible when users are in agreement) and then grants users to access their accounts who have not yet registered themselves. This helps you not accumulate a lot of clutter when you’re looking through things.

Users will receive immediate push notifications when someone follows them back. This functions exactly like Twitter as well as Tinder notifications, but is accessible on mobile any time any time, wherever! Users can browse the location posts specifically marked as private via an interface for maps! If users want to add additional security features, we’ll be the addition of an ability to recognize faces in the near future and ensuring that they don’t display their name in the map!


Dumpor is a no-cost and private Instagram viewer that lets you view Instagram stories and profiles in complete anonymity. With Dumpor it is possible to search Instagram users using tags or location to discover all their Instagram stories in the last 24 hours or save their stories. Dumpor also gives you access to the entire user-profile and followers of all users for no cost. Private Instagram viewing made easy with Dumpor! Why use Dumpor? Tell your story in private with others using video, photo or drawing instruments. Also, you can view other Instagram users Stories without having to notify them (when they’re non-followers).

There are many circumstances where it’s not appropriate to inform someone of the fact that their profile has been seen (e.g. the person removed your account from their feed after looking at your image in their account feed) It would be great to have an app that let users to look at their photos and not notify them to it…and this is exactly the function of dumpor! Don’t be left behind by trends . Download dumpor now and never miss another news new story!

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While many of the features of Dumpor might appear harmless on their own, when they are taken in combination, they become very hazardous. You can, for instance, easily follow and track the profile of someone else by browsing stories in a private manner. Similar to geolocation. while tagging places won’t reveal the location’s username or profile photo to anyone else when used by hand (i.e. by taking an image from one location and uploading it to another location-tagged) It is also possible to tag several locations in photos as an element of the story that others to see.

If used in a malicious manner by third-party parties, these tools can cause serious damage to users. In addition to the security risks associated with using these functions there are privacy issues that arise when making use of these tools as the majority of users use Instagram stories in public.


Dumpor lets you browse stories, profiles, and posts posted by others anonymously. With Dumpor you can also search tags or profiles anonymously. Dumpor is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Download it now to protect your privacy! Your life will become more fascinating and intriguing.