What is Reseller Hosting – The What and Why

Reseller hosting

In the world of websites, domains and hosting, businesses have been looking for different ways to get the edge

As more websites are being developed, more domain providers are popping up trying to gain the upper hand and get more sales

Similarly the competition for hosting providers is similarly high, with big names having the lions share of users from around the world, the little guys are still trying

So, chances are getting more customers and generating more revenue in this high-stakes race is getting even tighter

Many web hosting providers have started their own affiliate programs, giving bloggers and influencers chance to earn a commission while helping them get leads

But there is another lesser known aspect of marketing that has been introduced recently, and that is Reseller Hosting

What Is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service provided by a web hosting provider that lets a person or business sell web hosting services as their own. Most reseller hosting packages work on a standard wholesale basis. 

You simply sign up with a web hosting provider, select a package (if they offer) and then choose a reseller account.

Next part is what you exactly do with it, you can either be a marketer and start promoting the service on different platforms so that user purchase the same hosting provider.

Or you could be an agency even a freelance developer, developing different niche websites for existing or new businesses. Then you could offer hosting service to each of your customer for a price.

So What Makes It Unique

In retrospect, it sounds like affiliate marketing, but it kind of is, kind of isn’t really

Firstly, you don’t need any affiliate link nor id to earn money

Next, it kind of depends on the bandwidth and storage that you purchase and then provide

As an affiliate you don’t really have to manage the user, the hosting or their server to be honest. It’s just get them in the right direction and start earning

In a reseller host program, you are more responsible for how the user acts with the server and what kind of bandwidth and storage they are allocated for their website

Seems a bit annoying, and more work to be honest, but you get a chance to earn more in the process, while also providing an add-on service to your clients. You would like to know What Was Wrong To The Old DataFileHost?

You Are The Provider Now

Effectively, the reseller becomes the hosting provider to the third party. Your customers buy their hosting from you and you are their first point of call.

Some web hosts will charge a flat monthly fee as well as a fee for the services. Some won’t charge a flat fee and instead will charge on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The resellers create the hosting packages and set the prices. They use white-label reseller to sell web hosting under their own brand.

This in turn gives you more control and creates a new dimension for your business or freelance gig overall

Benefits Of Reseller Hosting

  • You get a chance to act as the hosting company – A big deal considering how many websites are out there
  • You can decide how much to charge – Just don’t go overboard
  • Save money – you can start out small with a number of clients and as they grow you can easily up-scale your package
  • Create independent c-panels for each customer – pretty self explanatory this one
  • No expertise needed – Your provider will actually handle all the back-end stuff, you just stay on the front and get those $$$ in

How To Start Reseller Hosting

Firstly, you need to select a plan that benefits you and your clients/customers. Many reseller hosting service providers like Cloudways, have many different offers for users to start earning. Identifying the right one, should be your number one priority. Go too small from the start and you can get overwhelmed, go too big, and you could loose more than earn

Some other aspects you should look after the first step include:

  • Research your audience – knowing who to sell is important, if someone doesn’t have a website, no point in targeting them now, right?
  • Set your Prices – As mentioned above, keep it simple, don’t complicate the pricing and don’t go too high so that nobody wants to consider you
  • Start Promotion – Marketing is everything, nothing in this world can be sold without marketing. If people don’t know what you do how can you expect they will PAY YOU to do something

Is It Worth It?

Any form of business whether it be big or small, your own or somebody else’s, it is a great norm to have, reseller hosting similarly is a great business that is starting to gain traction

People have been earning well-over they would get by doing a 9 hour job 5 days a week. That is to say, don’t think everyone can earn easily with a snap of a finger

Some people with hard-work, strategy and determination still can’t seem to win in the game, but it is also down to luck

So, as a business it is a good start to work with the company, making sure you earn as well as the business, but don’t just follow success stories online, hence didn’t add any here. Most of them could just be boasting 10X more than what they actually have done, in order to sell their service or maybe courses they offer


While you’re not operating your own network of servers, reselling them from a trustworthy source means you don’t have to focus on the complexities of maintaining the infrastructure and can apply your efforts to nurturing your new hosting business.

Understanding reseller hosting is easy and a great opportunity for those of you who endeavor to make web hosting your business. Make sure you understand how reseller hosting works. If you’re able to do so, then you’ll be able to create a great business reselling hosting, provide a solution for your clients’ needs, and earn some money in the process

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