How to Assess Technical Skills in Candidates

Technical Skills

Technical skills assessment is an integral part of hiring. It helps you identify the best and most efficient candidates while also helping to eliminate bias in the process. However, if technical skills are not assessed properly, it can cause a massive disruption in your company’s workflow and productivity.

In this blog post, we’ll look at:

  • How to Assess Technical Skills?
  • Why do technical skills assessments matter?
  • How do you create an excellent technical review?
  • How does Testlify help you make such evaluations?

How to Assess Technical Skills?

The key to hiring the best candidate is to assess their technical skills in the most effective way possible. Here’s how we do it:

Identify the skills you need

To start, you’ll want to identify the specific technical skills required for your job opening. This can include programming languages, development tools, and frameworks—or even more advanced concepts like DevOps and AI development.

Create an assessment plan based on those needs 

Now that you’ve identified what skills are required, create a list of questions that will allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities or knowledge in these areas during an interview or phone screen (which we generally recommend).

Test your assessments on candidates 

Test your assessments and get feedback from your team about how successful they were at determining whether someone has those skills by themselves, answering some sample questions from the list above! If necessary, adjust accordingly until everyone is happy with how this process works before moving on to stage three below…

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Create a list of interview questions 

Have a list of questions that will allow you to assess candidates’ skills in the most critical areas of your organization. This can be done by reviewing the technical requirements for each position and then brainstorming what types of questions might be able to answer those requirements.

For example, if you need someone familiar with JavaScript, then some sample questions might include: “Tell me about your experience with React Native”: and “What would you do if a co-worker asked you for help getting started on their first day at work”? “How would your approach change if you were working on a project which required more than one developer?”

Why are technical skills assessments critical?

Technical skills are the most crucial factor when hiring. It’s essential to have a way of assessing technical skills in candidates so that you can hire the best talent for your company.

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You need accurate and relevant data about a candidate’s technical knowledge and experience. While there are many ways to assess someone’s technical skills, we’ll focus on automated testing tools like Testlify that allow you to create tests using built-in questions or custom questions based on your requirements.

Types of Technical assessment

There are different types of technical assessments you can ask candidates to take. Here are the most common ones:

  • Programming test: A programming test is a set of problems and questions requiring a candidate to write code to solve them. The programming language varies depending on the position being applied for, but it will always be related to your company or industry (for example, Python for data science positions).
  • Coding challenge: Coding challenges are similar to programming tests in that they consist of problems or questions with an expected solution written in code. Still, they differ from tests because they’re typically much shorter and don’t have as much structure (candidates aren’t given sample inputs or output requirements). They’re also meant for junior-level roles where coding experience isn’t expected!

Three features of an excellent technical skills assessment

An excellent technical skills assessment should have the following five features:

  • Relevance to the job – The test should be relevant to the job you are hiring for. This is important because it means that you will get feedback on your candidate’s ability to do the job, not just their ability in general.
  • Objectivity – Your test should be objective and straightforward for everyone to take, including your candidates and colleagues. Any biases involved in taking or scoring a test can cause severe problems for your business and waste money on tests that aren’t being used effectively.
  • Unbiasedness – An excellent technical skills assessment should not just be objective; it must also be unbiased! You want your candidates’ test scores to reflect how well they would perform if hired by you—not whether their gender/race/nationality makes them better qualified than another applicant (or worse).

How do you create an excellent technical assessment?

The most common mistake people make when designing technical assessments is to start with the solution. They think about how they want to assess technical skills, and then create a test that’s not relevant to what they need. That’s why it’s essential to define your goals first before you start working on a solution.

That might sound obvious, but it happens all the time because people don’t understand this simple concept of goal setting in hiring: Your job is not just about getting candidates through an assessment or interview but also about identifying who will be best for the role based on their experience and personality. 

In considering technical assessments, ask yourself: What skills do I need from this person? What are my success criteria? How will this person fit into my team? 

In this case, selecting an assessment method is much more effective than choosing a filter that doesn’t align with what matters most – your business goals.

In defining clear goals, everyone involved (including management) is able to understand where they stand at any point during the hiring process. This prevents anyone from feeling misled or left behind while waiting around too long without anything happening next.

How does Testlify help you create such assessments?

Testlify, one of the best talent assessment tools, helps you create technical assessments that are easy to use, customizable, and scalable.

Testlify helps you create technical assessments using their platform. The test designer can build expert-level questions for their application by importing question templates. 

Additionally, Testlify offers candidates the ability to take tests on virtually any device, including desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones (Android/iOS). Organizations do not need additional training sessions or learning materials to teach their employees how to use the system – all they need is an internet connection!

Takeaway: Assess your candidates’ technical skills to hire the best talent for your team.

In order to hire the right candidate, it is essential to assess their technical skills well. A technical assessment is the first step toward hiring the right person. If the candidate has stellar coding skills but lacks communication skills or teamwork skills, it is of no use to have an employee who cannot interact well with others and share their knowledge openly—that is just not going to work.

Now that you know how to create a good technical skills assessment, you are ready to hire the best talent for your team. We hope this blog has been helpful in making your decision easier.

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