The life-threatening incident of Christian Eriksen

UEFA Euro 2020

The UEFA Euro 2020 was thought to be a reason to celebrate. After a lengthy stop, major international football competition finally returned. Currently, safe  online bettingonly on 1xBet can be made on these excellent competitions.

However, there was a moment when all football was forgotten, and the attention was put on a single person: Christian Eriksen. The 12th of June 2021 would become a day that will always be remembered in the history of the European competition.

On that day, Denmark received Finland in the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen. The match seemed to progress completely normally. All such Euro matches are available to make safe betting only on the 1xBet online website.

In the 43rd minute of the first half, Danish player Joakim Mæhle took a throw in. He gives the ball to Christian Eriksen. However, the ball bounces on Eriksen’s leg, and he falls to the ground completely motionless.

A match that became a nightmare

It was clear that something was very wrong with the talented midfielder. The website is the best platform to bet on the Danish team.

Danish and Finnish players, as well as referee Anthony Taylor made gestures to the Danish bench, asking for immediate medical assistance. The doctors rushed to help. It was very visible from the TV broadcast that Eriksen was receiving CPR. Not only that, because despite Eriksen’s teammates forming a circle around him, it was also visible that he was receiving electric shocks.

Other things that were visible during that moment included:

  • Eriksen’s wife ran into the field to see the status of her husband;
  • fans in the Parken Stadium were completely appalled;
  • and even Twitter collapsed for a few minutes, due to the explosive growth in the number of messages.

After a few minutes, Eriksen was stretchered off the field. In fact, a picture of him in the stretcher started to circulate in social media. Nobody could imagine that only a few months later he would be impressing the world again with his talent. The 1xBet website is the best platform to wager in the teams where the Danish player currently plays.

A controversial aftermath

It was clear that neither the Finnish nor the Danish players were able to continue playing. To wager on other live matches of these teams, it is always possible to visit the portal.

Eventually, it was agreed upon to resume the match a few hours later. The Finnish squad won 1-0 with a goal from Joel Pohjanpalo. However, the final result of the match was not really important.

This outcome was quite controversial. In fact, many people wanted the contest to be completely suspended. The 1xBet website features all matches of the Danish squad.