Why You Must Do A Leading SAFe Course

Leading SAFe Certification course

In the world of fast technological advancements, certified SAFe Agilist  individuals are in high demand across several industries, especially the ones that have undergone an Agile transformation or are planning to do so.

Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe helps ease the Agile transformation for big and complex organizations without causing a break within the existing system.

In this article, explore the ways in which you can derive benefits from pursuing a Leading SAFe Certification course.

Benefits of Leading SAFe course

Many top organizations in the world prefer Agile as a management and delivery framework for delivering products or services faster. It helps teams work efficiently and collaboratively for reaching project delivery time and organizational goals faster.

With the help of Leading SAFe Certification, you can contribute to your organization with your Scaled Agile knowledge and skills as well as its principles, lean aligned thinking, and product development flow by leading the Agile transformation within the organization.

Here are some individual and organizational benefits listed below for you that you can get if you become a certified Leading SAFe Agilist.

Personal Benefits

  • Lead Agile Transformation

In the Leading SAFe Certification, you can get hands-on practical skills of Scaled Agile which will help develop basic and advanced level concepts of Scaled Agile along with its principles of flexibility, thinking aligned around Lean-Agile, and smooth flow of product development.

With your readily implementable knowledge of Leading SAFe, you can lead a Scaled Agile transformation in your enterprise and demonstrate great leadership skills in front of top management which will put you in their good books. Who knows the next promotion may just be yours!

  • Stand Out with Agile knowledge

When you become a certified Leading SAFe Agilist, you get the certification which validates your credentials as a learned and knowledgeable Leading SAFe Agilist. This makes you stand out in front of big companies and organizations which are working under an Agile enabled environment.

  • Stay On Top of Market Trends

When you are certified as a Leading SAFe Agilist, you get access to the worldwide community of seasoned Scaled Agilist who are dedicated to the practice and development of SAFe Agile practices in enterprises around the world. This opens up a lot of doors and you also get the latest news in the field of Agile from this global community.

  • Get Global Recognition

The Leading SAFe Certification is a globally recognized certificate from Scaled Agile Inc. This, undoubtedly, verifies your credibility as a Leading SAFe Agilist, and it as well recognizes your capability to work from anywhere in the world!

  • Get a Handsome Package

When you become a certified Leading SAFe Agilist, you are eligible to unlock the most rewarding job roles at an organization with an average annual salary of $107,500. With years of experience, this can go up higher and higher! With the top Agile enabled companies recruiting certified SAFe Agilists, you can get hired with an amazing salary and great perks.

Organizational Benefits

  • Apply SAFe practices

SAFe practices of Agile allows organizations to develop and deliver products in less time.

  • Collaborate Diverse Teams

SAFe Agile enables the cross-functional teams working in an Agile enabled organization to work in a collaborative manner and deliver products and services faster without compromising on the product quality.

  • Create High-performing Agile Teams

The different teams involved in a project learn to collaborate and use Agile Release Trains efficiently through various phases of planning, implementation, and delivery to reach the organizational goals within the required time frame.

How can you get a Leading SAFe Certification?

You can enroll yourself for a Leading SAFe Certification Training to get certified as a SAFe Agilist to assist your organization in its Agile transformation.

Who can join the course?

You are eligible to join the Leading SAFe Certification training course if you are someone who is an:

  • Executive
  • Leader
  • Part of a Development team
  • Quality Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Process Leader
  • Manager
  • Program or Project Manager
  • Product or Product Line Manager
  • Solutions or Systems Architect
  • Director, or VP

What are the prerequisites?

If you are a fresher, you can join the course as well, as there are no prerequisites for attending the course. However, if you have:

  • 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, analysis, and management, or
  • Previous Scrum experience,

Then you get an advantageous benefit.


Leading SAFe Agilists are in high demand across the world with many big companies and organizations transforming into the Agile framework for faster and smoother Product Development and delivery. With a Leading SAFe Certification, you can bag the best job titles with a steadily rising graph of salary in your career as you gain years of experience. Therefore, if you are interested to be a part of the change, join the Leading SAFe Certification training course now!