Save Yourself from the Circumcision Surgery Malpractices


Many patients might have experienced a bad day at a clinic or when visiting the doctor. There can be several reasons for this, including general illness complications, or the surgeon might have neglected some aspects. Not all of the time, a surgeon doing adult circumcision surgery neglects their patients, leading to malpractice.

What to Understand about Adult Circumcision Surgery Malpractice?

The term malpractice has to be understood first because often, patients confuse the negligence of the surgeon and the team with the usual complications that occur post-surgery. Medical malpractice is the errors made by the surgeon or other team member that causes serious complications and can even result in death.

Why do surgeons Malpractice?

Although circumcision surgery is considered the safest surgical procedure, surgeons can still be neglectful. Several reasons for this behavior will be discussed in the points below.

1.   Often the surgeons are not well-trained or don’t have the practice to perform the surgery safely. Not having the right knowledge will develop hurdles in the surgery.

2.   The surgeons have to prepare for the procedure in advance. They have to take the patient’s health, any underlying serious illness, reaction to the medication, and anesthesia. Failing to look into these factors will be considered malpractice.

3.   Building a good reputation with the patient is important. This can be done by informing the patient about each development of the surgical procedure. On many occasions, the surgeons have not informed the patients about circumcision surgery for adults procedure.

4.   The most unforgivable reason for malpractice is that the surgeon has been drinking or on drugs the night before the surgery. This is a direct violation of the oath the medical care professionals take. Sometimes the surgeons drink too much that the hangover doesn’t come down in the morning. This might distract the attention of the surgeon.

5.   If the patients have chosen the conventional technique of circumcision surgery, the surgeons have to sterilize the tools. Not doing so will cause health issues for the patients like infection and developing AIDS. The surgeons have to use one painless tool on a single patient.

Malpractices Patients should Beware of

It is not always that the surgeons and the team neglect their duties. There are several clinics like Circumcision Center in which surgeons pay full attention to their duties and patients. But patients should know about the mistakes that can be made by surgeons; so that men can avoid the clinic and surgeon.

Operating on the Wrong Patient

This is a common mistake that surgeons can make because the medical file could be replaced with the other patient. The surgeon and the team must confirm if the patient being operated on is the right one. Operating on the wrong patient will be a bad reputation for the clinic and the surgeon.

Not Taking any Safety Precautions

Before the surgery starts, there are certain protocols that the surgical team has to follow. These protocols include cleansing hands and other items. Wearing a mask, surgical gloves, caps, and using disinfect. Not taking these safety precautions will come under the category of medical malpractice.

Wrong Type of Anesthesia Administered

Patients can be allergic to certain kinds of medications and anesthesia. The surgeons must know the patient’s medical conditions and the allergies they might be facing. Administering the wrong anesthesia can develop complications.

Incorrect Procedure of Circumcision Surgery for Adults

Circumcision medical procedure requires accuracy when it comes to removing the foreskin. An uneven cut comes under the category of malpractice. Another important point to note here is that the circumcision wound is stitched up properly; otherwise, a scar is left on the penis that will look ugly. Also, prescribing the wrong medicine comes within the malpractice and incorrect procedure category.

Information about the Patients has been Leaked

The critical information about the patient and the surgery must be shared with the individuals or the close family members. This is extreme negligence if the surgeon gives the info to someone not concerned with the patient.

It is important for men having adult circumcision surgery to know what types of medical malpractices can be done by the surgeons; so they can avoid the professionals doing them.

Below are three questions explaining malpractice in circumcision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue a doctor for messing up a circumcision?

Yes, the patient has every right to sue the surgeon and the medical facility where the adult circumcision surgery has gone wrong. The investigating team will look into every aspect of the surgery and determine the cause of the malpractice.

How often do doctors mess up circumcision?

Surgeons rarely mess up circumcision surgery. But the ratio has recently increased from less than one percent to about ten percent.

Can you sue for being circumcised?

If you have been circumcised against your will or the surgeon has accidentally performed the surgery, then you have the right to sue the surgeon or clinic.

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