How Much Can Data Analytics Professionals Make?

How Much Can Data Analytics Professionals Make

In this data-driven business landscape, analytics is no longer a privilege restricted to stock market brokers and conglomerates with deep pockets. Today, most enterprises rely extensively on data analytics to predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making, uncover market trends and patterns, and determine the return on investment of their marketing efforts. According to a 2020 report by MicroStrategy, about 94 percent of business firms believe that data analytics is imperative to grow their companies.

Simultaneously, Sisense’s State of BI and Analytics Report 2020 suggests that 49 percent of companies are using data analytics significantly more than before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Various surveys on the rising demand for data analytics reveal that businesses are capitalizing on this set of quantitative and qualitative approaches in several ways. In a nutshell, data rules the world in this contemporary business scenario.

The rising demand for data analytics has paved the way for creating new job positions in the spectrum of industries. At the same time, tech giants are paying hefty salaries topped up with multiple lucrative benefits to fill data analytics positions. Opting for a data analytics course provides you with the perfect opportunity to become a well-paid data analyst professional for some of the leading IT firms in the world.

Read on to explore the compensation of data analytics professionals and the perks of earning a data analytics course in 2022.

Salary of a data analytics professional in Canada

There are more than ten highest-paying data analytics jobs and salaries in this field depending on factors like role, skills, experience, and location. However, every professional in data analytics can make a comfortable living with their annual compensation. According to, the average salary of a data analytics professional is CAD $68,250 per year in Canada. Let’s focus on some of the highest-paying data analytics positions and their yearly package.

Highest-paying data analyst jobs in 2022 Average compensation in Canada (per year)
Data Engineer CAD $82,208
IT Systems Analyst CAD $69,449
Marketing Analyst CAD $68,809
Quantitative Analyst CAD $77,473
Data Architect    CAD $113,753
Database Administrator CAD $67,457
Data Analyst CAD $58,937
Business Intelligence Analyst CAD $76,344
Data Scientist CAD $80,301
Operations Analyst CAD 5$6,589

Note: Wages are based on data from leading and credible online job search and review platforms, including Glassdoor, PayScale, Indeed, and

The demand for data analysts has grown in recent years and is projected to continue in the near future. Canada remains a hot market for data professionals in the age of analytics. In addition, the nation is well-known for offering competitive degrees in various disciplines. In fact, Canada is one of the leading destinations abroad to earn a degree, with several world-class universities. These top-notch universities offer tailor-made curricula and have industry experts to deliver the data analytics program.

Studying data analytics in Canada opens doors to umpteen career opportunities in large companies. So, sign up for the course at a top Canadian university to kickstart your data career. Apply now!