Recommended PHP Development Tools for PHP Developers


PHP has earned the badge of an ideal Integrated Development Environment, with the array of productive features it offers. Developing a feature-rich, interactive, robust and scalable website or web application is guaranteed with the PHP framework.

It simply surpassed its counterparts including Python and Ruby with the availability of ready-to-install scripts, exhaustive documentation, excellent framework and a wide community of developers around the globe. Choosing the best PHP development tool is vital for creating an engaging website or web app that assures improved traffic. If you have decided to hire a php developer in India, we recommend reading this blog to understand the top PHP development tools available in the digital market. 


A comprehensively designed PHP tool, PhpStorm was quick to capture the lion share in the development field. It easily gels with frameworks like Yii, Laravel, Symfony and CakePHP. Furthermore, efficient functionality offered with Drupal, WordPress and Magento is another plus point of PhpStorm. Design and development agencies choose PhpStorm for it ensures a brilliantly designed website and web app.


PhpED has been another PHP development tool that is opted by many developers around the world. The intelligently designed tool from NuSphere Corporation consists of many advanced utility features including PHP Editor, PHP Debugger, Profiler, Database Client and Code Insight. The IDE has several unique characteristics like PhpExpress that can be used to accelerate the development. The advanced elements, carefully crafted features and ingenious tweaks help in developing even the most complex websites without any hassles or difficulties.

Zend Studio

Zend Studio offers extensive possibilities for deploying websites and web applications. It allows the deployment of web applications in a cloud server as well. Zend has been a state-of-the-art PHP tool that supports PHP7, besides debugging PHP script through specific elements. Effortless and quick writing of codes and optimal paced development are the factors that attract developers. Consequently, you would find several web developers suggesting the usage of Zend Studio. It also has a wide community around the globe.  


Netbeans, developed by Apache Software Foundation, is an advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java. This innovative PHP tool offers enriched attributes and multi-language support. With the modular software components termed as “Modules,” the website and web app developed runs smoothly in Windows, macOS, Solaris and Linux. The latest variant of this PHP development tool is lighter than the former and provides a comprehensive, faster and prolific web development experience. Netbeans comprehends almost all of the frameworks including Cake, Zend, and FuelPHP.


Supporting renowned PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Magento, Joomla, CakePHP, and CakeIgniter, the CodeLobster IDE is popular among web developers across the world. A streamlined and seam lines design and development, robust configuration and feature-rich solutions are the features that make CodeLobster a hit among the community. It has been designed in an exceptionally thoughtful way, ensuring foolproof integration with the most popular CMS including Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a free development environment infused with impressive features. Optimal support for debuggers and Command Line Interface (CLI) from the IDE makes the PHP app development process trouble-free and efficient. Web technologies viz. Ruby on Rail, Python, PHP, HTML5 can be integrated with the IDE without any glitches or compatibility concerns. The advanced IDE would be a useful PHP tool for you to try out. It would enhance productivity and provide prolific results.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 might be a preferable option if you are searching for an open-source IDE that supports programming languages like PHP, C++, JavaScript and Python and many more. The tools incorporated in this IDE have been extending the best support for previewing the development scenario and confirming the compatibility. The two features, Live Preview and Browser Compatibility Testing, are intended for the said usage. Remote debugging and serverless applications are the other two intelligent characteristics of Cloud 9. Sharing the development process and obtaining real-time input from the team, as well as, the beta testers is possible with the Cloud 9 IDE.


One of the most-used PHP tools, Eclipse is undeniably one of the best in the lot. A wide array of plugins and extensive customization possibilities make the development convenient. At the same time, the developer can simply introduce tailored features depending on the client requirements and exclusivity of the brand, product or service for which the website or web app is being designed. Ideal for large scale development projects, this supports both GUI and non-GUI interfaces.

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