Monthly Car Subscriptions are Disrupting Traditional Car Leasing. Here’s Why

Monthly Car Subscriptions

As countries open up to travel after almost two years of lockdown, we (tourists) want more from transport providers. Flexibility is key when it comes to exploring new places and we expect rides that cater to our unique moods and schedules. We want the convenience of having our own vehicle minus the hassles of owning one. So what are our options? 

Traditional car leasing is one option. It provides access to vehicles on demand, but there are obvious limitations within this model. Complications like lengthy paperwork, verification processes, and the time commitment of pre-paid leases all make car leasing very complicated. And if you’re a frequent traveler, getting sucked into a web of car-related hassle is something you’d try to dodge at all costs. 

As an emerging mobility solution for tourists, monthly car subscriptions are changing the transport industry one client at a time. Gone are the days of struggling over complicated bookings for public transport or getting tied up in rigid leasing contracts. All your navigation needs can now be met with just a single app on your mobile device. 

This article tells you how a monthly car subscription can become a game changer for the mobility industry. Read on to see if it’s what you need to solve your own navigation concerns.  

Why you should get a car subscription

  1. The flexibility of car subscriptions is unmatched

A car subscription is literally your best bet when it comes to transportation away from home. This service combines the flexibility and freedom of owning a personal vehicle without the hassle of actually buying one. With affordable monthly car subscriptions, these digital car lenders offer far more flexibility than you can imagine!

  1. Find a vehicle that meets your preferences

Whether traveling for business or taking a family vacation, you can get a subscription that suits your specific needs. Also, your subscription can be canceled at any time in case of a change of plans. Just download a car renting app such as ekar to access a world of tourist-friendly cars at any time.

  1. Hassle-free experience

Another benefit of such services is the complete responsibility they take for the maintenance and repair of the car you choose. Added to this is the complete elimination of paperwork or contractual commitments. So you never have to worry about added costs, dealing with complex contracts, or locating a reliable mechanic once you have booked a car with them.

  1. Cost-effective mobility

If you’re a regular traveler, you can’t break the bank every time you navigate a new city. This is when budget-friendly car subscriptions prove to be useful with flexible pricing packages. Flexible pricing models allow you to spend efficiently and make the most out of your rentals. With added features such as full coverage of repair and fuel costs, car subscriptions can significantly reduce costs over time.

  1. Let your own schedule run the show

Opting for public transportation keeps you dependent on public schedules as you navigate the city. This can lead to inconvenient waiting times and uncertainty. Whether you’re a business executive or vacationer, not knowing exactly when you’d be at your destination can cripple efficient planning. All this can be avoided by renting a personal car that runs according to your daily requirements and doesn’t need you to adjust your expectations to a foreign timeline.

Want to try a car subscription for yourself?

Traveling becomes fun when you have a vehicle at your disposal. And the joy of carefree vacations can only be felt when you are free to go with the flow and switch up your ride whenever you want. One car rental company is making it all possible in the UAE – ekar.

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