Five most promising NFT projects to watch for high returns in 2022

Five most promising NFT projects

While the NFT space has seen a lot of excitement and speculation in recent months, the current market conditions are presenting a number of challenges for investors. With prices falling and uncertainty rising, it has become increasingly difficult to find NFT projects that offer long-term potential.

However, there are still several projects that are worth keeping on our radar  to yield high returns in 2022.

5 Remarkable NFT Projects

The Silks

The Silks project is an innovative new way to invest in thoroughbred racehorses. The project allows investors to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent ownership stakes in real-world horses. The NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and each one represents a fractional ownership stake in a horse.

The NFTs associated with this project have already become quite famous, with some of the great investment firms and NFT collectors including the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The horse racing industry has always been somewhat recession-proof, as people still flock to the track despite economic conditions. This is good news for investors in Silks, as the NFT derivatives linked to horse racing could be expected to maintain their value or even increase in value during a recession.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFT is a playful and colorful spin on the traditional tote bag. For an item that doesn’t have an immediately obvious function, it forces you to think creatively about how you’d use it.

In April 2021, a new type of cryptocurrency known as NFTs were minted and initially sold for 0.08 ETH each. Within 12 hours, the entire collection had sold out. The cryptocurrency exchange that facilitated the sale of the NFTs is now one of the most popular exchanges in operation.


STEPN is an NFT crypto-based on the Ethereum blockchain. The coin is designed to be a stable store of value and also to help people in poverty. The network will distribute STEPN coins to people in need and also provide a mechanism for people to support those in need.

The game currency is the GST Token.The GST price is currently $0.01, and the token is traded on major exchanges such as Binance.The GST token price is based on the number of GST tokens in circulation, and the current GST supply is 10 million.

The purpose of the project is to encourage the world’s population to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as to acquaint people with the concept of Web 3.0, which refers to the next generation of Internet applications and services.


Doodles is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens, each of which can be used as a profile picture. The artwork is composed of colorful cartoon characters with various visible traits such as hats, glasses, and mustaches. The collection was created by artist Walton Mendelson, who is known for his quirky and playful style.

The Doodlebank is the treasury for the NFT-based project called “Doodles”. It contains over 650 ETH and is only accessible to NFT holders. The Doodlebank provides a complete roadmap for the team and community to follow in order to improve the project.

Doodlebank recently released Noodles, an NFT collection of noodle-like characters that share a similar color scheme to Doodles. This project cost a total of 48.9 ETH.


Chain is a Web3 infrastructure platform that prioritizes scalability within Web3 and accessibility for deploying smart contracts. XCN is a cryptocurrency designed for use on the Chain Protocol, a decentralized platform that enables businesses to tokenize their products and services.

XCN is used to pay for commercial fees on the Chain Protocol, and clients can also receive discounts when they pay with XCN. The current XCN price is 0.05253 USD, which is a decrease of -26.63% in the past 7 days and -7.67% in the past 24 hours.

XCN holders can also earn rewards by participating in these activities.The Chain DAO Treasury is used to fund development and maintenance of the network.

Final Say

As the world of NFTs evolves, there are many amazing projects to purchase into for high long-term returns. All of these projects have strong formulas and will grow in value over time.

Silks is an exciting new platform that has resulted in a highly lucrative real-world sport being recreated in the NFT space. By bridging the gap between the real world and the NFT world, Silks has created a unique and exciting experience that offers long-term high returns for investors.

If you’re looking for the best NFTs to invest in, it’s time to consider what you truly enjoy and how you can incorporate those projects into your world.