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Meme Generator First we should know about what is meme?

Meme is an idea or style to troll someone or convey the message to the people, which it’s noticed by all and also they can understand the topic easily. Meme its origin from Greek “Mimema” in English “Gene”. In 1970 it is imitated to pattern of Gene.
Meme’s are trending in social media all over the world like Facebook, Instgram, twitter, Google+ etc. Meme Generator or website will help you to create your own meme you don’t need to install any App and these websites have Templates and emojies etc. You can now create your own meme which is unique n Customized. The websites are
1. Meme Creator
2. Imgflip
3. Memecrunch
4. Troll MEME Generator
5. Meme

Meme Creator

Negup Meme Creator website it’s easy to create memes with many templates available. By following few steps on. It’s a free meme creating website. If u want to download the created meme image u don’t need to save it in our website, u can save it in your mob or system. You don’t have to register or create account. Simple Steps to create your meme

1. Open Negup meme creator webpage.
2. Click on Create
3. Choose any template
4. Click Add Text and create your text.
5. Add background colors
6. See your meme Preview
7. Click Save.

Create Memes of your own Pictures following these Steps:

1. Select Add Image to upload your own image
2. Click on camera symbol and upload your image.
3. Click Add Text and create your text.
4. Add background colors
5. See your meme Preview
6. Click Save.

Features of Meme Creator:
1. It’s a free online meme creator.
2. Templates are available.
3. You can create your own meme by uploading your own image.
4. You can adjust and resize your image and adjust size and color of font
5. We have options to Share meme on social network sites.
6. You don’t need to register or create any account
7. You can download your meme in your mobile or system.


Imgflip is a simple and fast meme generator website. Imgflip provides a powerful customization but it is very easy to understand and use. If you want to just download and save a creation then you can make it “private” and save on and share with friends as well. To keep custom images and database, create account and register yourself on the website. Follow few steps to create a meme on Imagflip –

1. Select a template from the given one.
2. Click on “Add Image” option to add any image on the template.
3. Click on “Draw” option to make a drawing on the selected template.
4. Enter your caption on the boxes provided for top text and bottom text.
5. Change settings of the text as per your liking.
6. Click on “Generate Meme” to create your meme.

Steps to Create Memes using your own Selected Images on Imagflip:

1. Press “Upload your own image” button.
2. Click on “Choose File” option and select image from your storage area.
3. Hit on “Upload” button to upload image.

Imgflip Features:

1. Popular Featured and Trending Templates are available.
2. You can upload your own image
3. Two text inputs – Top and Bottom
4. Options like font style, color, font size, shadow, outline are available
5. Separate text box
6. Draw tool
7. Add an extra image to the meme are available
8. Scumbag hat is also available
9. You can save your creation in Private option


Memecrunch offers you a wide range of memes to work with. This is a free meme generating website. Create your meme online and share it with your friends and family members through social networking sites. Creating a meme in Memecrunch is very easy –

1. Open memecrunch website.
2. Select any template of your choice simply by clicking on the template.
3. Enter your bottom and top text on the text fields provided.
4. Click on “Next” button.
5. A dialog box will appear which will ask a title for your meme.
6. Enter your title on the field provided.
7. Click on options of social networking sites option to share your meme.
8. Click on “Done” option and share with your friends.

Steps to Customize your own Meme on Memecrunch:
1. Click on “Use custom image” option.
2. Enter a title for your meme.
3. Select “Choose File” and upload image.
4. Click on “Submit” button.

Memecrunch Features:
1. This is a free meme generator website.
2. You have various templates.
3. Top and bottom text inputs are avaliable
4. Customization option like Font size for the text inputs avaliable.
5. You can Share your own meme’s on various social networking sites.

Troll MEME Generator

This website lets users to create online memes with many available templates. Its interface is very handy and the creator can make it at ease by following few steps on Troll MEME Generator.

1. Click on “Create Meme” from Troll Meme Generator websites page.
2. Select your template by clicking on it.
3. Enter your text on image.
4. Do your settings as per your choice.
5. Click on “A” option on top left of template to add another text.
6. Press rage face image to add a rage face image to the template.
7. Click on “Save” button on right top of the image to save it in your computer.

Steps to Create own Meme on Troll MEME Generator:
1. Click “Create meme” option.
2. Enter your “Character Name” on the field provided.
3. Click “Choose File” and select your desired image.
4. Press “Create” button.
5. Follow from step 3 to 7 of the above and your meme is ready.

Troll MEME Generator Features:
1. You can Choose Famous meme templates
2. Editing options are available
3. We have additional text option.
4. We also have additional rage face on the template.


It’s a meme generator website where you can create online memes and share with friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites. You cannot download memes using this website instead you need to right-click on the meme and save it in your storage device. You can carry out your creations with least effort. Lets’ see how to create a meme using this website –

1. Open meme creator webpage.
2. Click on “Create” option.
3. Choose one template among many.
4. Click “Insert Caption” button and enter your text.
5. Click “Save” button to save your meme.

Create Memes of your own Pictures Following these Steps:
1. Select “Upload” option from the right side of the page.
2. Click on “Choose File” and upload your picture.
3. Click on “Title Box” and enter your title.
4. Select “Upload” button.

Meme Creator Features:
1. Free online meme creator.
2. “Featured, Trending and Browse” Templates are available.
3. You can Upload your own photo and create your meme.
4. You can share your meme on social network sites.
5. You can Edit your meme from “Recreating meme creator