Important Facts about Shockwave Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Shockwave Physiotherapy

Patients visit a clinic offering physiotherapy in Edmonton because they have suffered pain that has not gone away despite undergoing various treatments. It has been recommended to try shockwave therapy and see the results yourself.

Facts Concerning Shockwave Physiotherapy in Edmonton

The patients must know if the shockwave therapy is effective or not. Shockwave therapy uses supersonic waves to stimulate the stem cells that help in rapid healing by reducing inflammation. There are some other important facts that patients should know about shockwave therapy.

Shockwave Therapy Help with Kidney Stones

Initially, shockwave treatment was developed to remove stones in the kidney. But as technology developed, scientists came to know that these sound waves could be used to cure stubborn pains and other serious medical conditions.

There is no Dangerous Radiation Involved

Patients might get upset when they come to know that this treatment involves shockwave. They think this way because they confuse the name with shock therapy. But this is considered the best physiotherapy in Edmonton because acoustic waves are used to cure various problems.

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The Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Sometimes there are complicated bodily problems involving the muscles, joints, and bones, and surgery can’t be done. The issues that can be treated with shockwave therapy include relieving pain, managing inflammation, regenerating stem cells, raising the blood flow, improving tissue scars, and reducing muscle tension.

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Effective with other Physical Therapies

Although shockwave therapy is effective on its own, sometimes the bodily issue is so intense that other physical exercises must be combined to make it more effective at physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton. Shockwave therapy can be used to warm up the muscles and tissues, and exercises can be done to relieve the pain.

Two Types of Shockwave Therapy Available

When patients initially visit a physiotherapy clinic like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, they are introduced to two types of shockwave therapy.

  1.       Radial Pressure Wave smoothens muscle tension, reduces pain, and boosts blood flow.
  2.       In Extracorpeal Focus Shockwave, sound waves penetrate deep into stubborn bursitis and tendinitis.
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No Damage to the Tissues and Muscles

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that this therapy uses sound waves that pose no threat to the tissues and muscles. An important thing that must be considered is that the therapists must be trained and have the knowledge to use the two devices best.

Has this Treatment been the Reason for Bodily Issues?

This therapy is known to relieve stubborn pains; so how it can create physical issues. The stem cells are stimulated through sound waves. Also, it helps to decrease the inflammation; so that tissue healing is quick and the pain is reduced.

Will Repetition of the Therapy Cause Issues?

If the patient’s condition is worse and the issue has been for a long time, then the physio in Edmonton can be repeated until the problem has been resolved. The therapists must remember that each session should be done three to four days weekly.

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Is Pain Felt During Shockwave Therapy?

During the initial days of the treatment, the patient might feel pain because the muscles, tissues, and joints are adjusting to the therapy. But after a few sessions, the pain will go away, and the patients will feel relaxed and relieved of the pain.

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Is Shockwave Therapy Effective?

This type of physiotherapy in Edmonton will affect several issues. The success of shockwave therapy depends on the intensity of the pain, the experience of the therapist, and the tools used. Some patients heal fast, but others might take longer.

The patients need to know about the shockwave therapy facts mentioned before visiting a clinic for treatment.

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