How To Fix 10 iPhone Glitches By a Mobile Repair Shop

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Let’s talk about how we are so dependent on our smartphones that our lives will slow down if it slows down. Smartphones are small, but they have a whole world inside them. They are pocket computers that have incredible memories of us, our families, and our friends. It captures life’s best experiences and shows us the way to our grandparent’s house. But how will you get it all done if your mobile phone runs out of battery? Worse, it drops in the water. Don’t be upset because Cell Spot, a mobile repair shop in Houston, has your back as they provide the solution to many iPhone glitches people complain about daily. The fixes to these issues will make your smartphone stronger and faster and increase its longevity.

1.My iPhone is not Charging.

Suppose you are facing battery problems and your iPhone is not charging. In that case, it probably means that your mobile phone needs a battery replacement which means that you would have to go to an expert and spend money on replacing but before doing that, try and restart your smartphone. It is not a surprise that a mobile repair shop in Houston recommends restarting phones is considered a solution for many problems. Many issues disappear when you restart your mobile phone. Furthermore, check and see if your charger is from working. Sometimes the battery is not charging because of the adapter issue. Take another charger from your friend and try setting it; if it charges, it means the problem lies in your charger. So buy a new one. 

2.My iPhone fell into the Toilet.

If you use a phone case on your phone, it will take a few seconds for the water to enter your phone. Wear a glove and take it out of the toilet immediately. After recovering it, turn it off, remove the SIM card and battery cover, and keep them in a dry paper towel. Take a soft cloth and wipe all the moisture from your smartphone and keep it in a bowl of rice so that it will soak the water. It is hard for people not to touch their smartphone for 24 hours, but it is necessary when it has faced water damage. After 24 hours, turn it on and test it. If any problem occurs, take it to a phone repair store.

3.How to Refresh Background App

Refreshing Background Apps permit you to perform multitasks and refresh all the contents. In many smartphones, it is already turned on, but if it is not, you can turn it on by going to settings, background app refresh, and toggling it on. 

4. How to Stop getting tracked by a location tracking app?

Wherever you and your smartphone go, the iOS camera and third-party app track your location continuously. You can turn off the location by visiting settings, privacy, and location services. Do the same with third-party apps. When you download a new app, it asks you to allow tracking. Press “don’t allow” to stop the monitoring.

5.My Bluetooth and WiFi are not working.

If you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues, try to turn the Bluetooth off and turn it on after 30 seconds or one minute. Do the same with your WiFi. If this method is not working, try to restart your smartphone to solve the connectivity issue. If the glitch has not gone away, try to reset your phone. 

6.What is the best way to charge my smartphone to improve battery health?

Mobile repair shops in Houston say people are always busy and on the go. They prefer handy and portable chargers, which is good in emergencies if there is no power socket available but try to charge your phone with its charger. If you are at a show or a festival, you can ask the manager or staff member to show you a socket where you can plug in your phone.

7.I want to save my battery.

People take a lot of time while scrolling, stalking, and texting others which takes the phone’s battery, and you have you charge it every few hours. That is why it is best to save the battery as much as possible. For that, Turn on the auto-brightness features. These features adjust the light according to the environment. Also, clear all the unwanted apps from the background because if too many apps are opened in the background, it strains the battery and affects its battery health.

8.Should my apps keep updating automatically?

Automatic update is the best feature in your phone and keeps your apps updated all the time, so if you are facing battery drain, go to the apple store and uncheck the auto-update option from the settings. 

9.My iPhone is overheating.

Keep your iPhone cool. Keep it in a room and away from sunlight. If your phone is charging and overheating simultaneously, try to unplug it from the charger and let it cool. Cooling down your phone does not mean putting it in the freezer. It means keeping it away from extreme temperatures. 

10. I want to Turn off my AirDrop.

Airdrop is a feature in iPhones that allows users to share files from one iPhone to another. You can turn it off by swiping down from the top and clicking on the airdrop option to toggle it off. It also saves your battery life. 

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