How to Choose the Right Lock for Your Front Door /


Choosing the Right Type of Lock for Your Front Door 

Securing your home can be done in many ways, from cameras, to connected security systems. However, an efficient door lock remains an important consideration as your first line of defense against thefts. Ensuring the front door and windows are appropriately locked can significantly reduce the risk of burglary. Hence, choosing the right lock for your home is a must as its quality and efficiency will decide how secure your home is.

Keeping your home and family protected should be our primary concern. However, many people aren’t aware about how to keep their home safe. Checking lock efficiency and changing locks around the house is not something homeowners think about until a terrible break-in occurs. If you wish to check how efficient your locking system is, call the expert locksmith for commercial in Raleigh NC who not only help you enhance your home security, but also advise you on what locks are the best for your property.

#1 Learn about different types of locks

Today, door knobs and locks are available in a range of designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and offer greater security to your home. A list of some popular types of door locks, include deadbolt locks, electronic or keyless locks, multi-point locking systems and smart locks.

A deadbolt lock is a conventional lock that doesn’t have fancy features, but they are efficient in keeping your doors secured. Electronic or keyless locks are quite expensive locks that are easy to operate and doesn’t require a key to unlock the door. Some models come with a keypad where you need to enter the code, while some models come with Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to unlock the door using a smartphone.

A multi-point lock is a highly efficient security system that provides extreme protection against forced entry. Multiple locks are fitted into the door frame, making it harder to break. Smart locks connect with your smart home system and allow you to control the locks remotely.

#2 Check the door lock rating

Lock ratings are important to consider while selecting the ideal door lock for your home. Every lock manufactured is assigned certain standard and rating based on its strength and durability, material quality, fit and finish, lock mechanism, operation of the lock set and its overall security.

Furthermore, each lock is assigned a grade depending on the number of open and close cycles, and how many door strikes it can withstand. For instance, grade 2 and 3 are common deadbolt locks for home use that can perform over 150,000 locking cycles and can withstand 5 hammer strikes.

#3 Door lock pricing

If you are planning to change all the interior and exterior locks in your house, it is necessary to prepare a budget. The price of installing new locks depends on several factors, such as the type and standard of the lock, and whether you are hiring a certified locksmith or changing locks all by yourself. High grade locks are usually more expensive, but they are designed to provide better safety and a more peace of mind to you.

It is important that you first choose the style you need and then look for the features you need. There is no need to buy top-of-line products if you are only going to use a standard key to unlock your door. Hiring an expert can cost you from £70 to £100 for each lock, whereas changing locks on your own can save you a lot of money. However, we advise you to spend some pounds to hire experts to make sure the locks are fitted in the most appropriate manner.

Other Considerations While Choosing the Door Lock

#1 Door frame quality

If the door frame you are planning to fit the lock is not sturdy enough, the lock can be easily defeated. Many people miss considering the quality and condition of their door frame and expect the lock alone to secure their home. A door must be tough enough to withstand a decent amount of pressure and hinges should be well-fitted in the frame.

#2 Size of the door

The size of the door is important to consider both from the security point of view and aesthetically. Based on the size of the door, you may need to invest in looks. If you have large doors, then you may need to consider investing in sturdier locks. For doors that are not big enough, conventional locks are also sufficient.

When to Consider Changing Your Locks

You can go years without thinking about replacing your door locks. It is easy to believe that your home is safe, but if any of these situations relate to you, it is time for the update:
Missing keys – If you have lost or misplaced your keys, it is advisable to replace or re-key your locks immediately to keep burglars out of your home.

Forced entry – If your house has been attacked by intruders and they have damaged your locks, you are at a greater risk of another attack. Hence, replace all the locks as soon as possible, even if they have broken only one lock.

Worn-out locks – If the lock shows a sign of the wear and tear, it is likely your lock will break any time. So, before the lockout situation arises, make sure you replace your locks.
Recently moved – If you have recently moved to a new home, consider replacing all the locks, so you don’t have to worry about old tenants having access to your property.
Whenever you plan on replacing your locks, always hire professional locksmith near me who have the right expertise and experience to install locks efficiently.


Selecting a perfect lock can be confusing, but no matter what type of lock you plan to buy, security should be your top priority. Identify all the available options, and narrow down which looks are more suitable for your door, considering its material and size. Lastly, if you are not sure what lock would be ideal for you, there are dedicated locksmiths available who can help you choose the right lock for your needs.