All things you know about Pakistani salwar kameez

salwar kameez

When styling something elegant yet comfortable, one cannot skip on the Pakistani suit designs. The Pakistani salwar kameez has recently been trending due to its breathtaking styles and designs. 

Now fashion means something different for everyone. Women are taking their fashion game seriously and are ready to put up with any trend. Influencers and Bollywood celebrities are prime members in making any style or outfit famous. The white Pakistani suit truly represents tradition and flexibility. 

The red Pakistani suit is a three-layered outfit consisting of a kurta (long kameez or top), trousers (salwar or the bottom wear), and a dupatta or a scarf. The dupatta or a scarf is an optional item you can carry as per the demands of the occasion. 

There is no restriction to wearing a yellow Punjabi suit for haldi to any particular event as you can consider it casual wear also. This salwar suit for a wedding party, especially the Pakistani salwar kameez, is also a signature style for adorning something relaxed and soothing.

Nowadays, women are attracted to traditional dressing styles like plain salwar kameez, salwar suit with heavy dupatta, cotton salwar materials, etc. Pakistani salwar kameez comes in various fabrics like chiffon, cotton, georgette, silk, or satin. 

The purple salwar kameez is not only a symbol of tradition and elegance, but it also adds a touch of glamour to the style. Cool colours such as white Pakistani salwar kameez with trousers give a chic and classy look when you choose to wear it at work.

A few years back, when technology was not that upgraded and hardly any online facilities were available, people had limited options. The concept of customised clothing is on boom nowadays because of which women get a chance to experiment and get the design and styles they desire in just one click. You can grab your favourite banarasi salwar suit online from CloudTailor’s website and get your heavy Punjabi wedding suits online as per your taste and desire. 

How did the Pakistani salwar kameez get famous?

The credits introducing the salwar frock suit in India go to the Mughals. But, after the Mughals, thanks to the internet, influencer marketing, and all the Bollywood celebs out there who keep evolving and appealingly showcasing different styles of outfits. Pakistani salwar kameez is becoming a favourite of ladies recently and is becoming a must-have outfit in the wardrobe.

In original form, the organza salwar suit is in the form of a long tunic straight kurta slightly loose from the sides, and the kameez is the wide cuff straight fit trouser. Continuous fashion change brings new patterns to the original version of the churidar set readymade. The Pakistani salwar kameez offers a wide range of beautiful embroideries which are hard to resist. This is why it is loved worldwide and continuously evolving in new patterns and styles.

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Characteristics that make Pakistani salwar kameez so attractive

Apart from the comfort and elegance that comes from wearing the purple salwar suit, there are numerous reasons making women inclined and attracted to the Pakistani-style salwar kameez.

Let us see a few reasons that generate more demands for Pakistani salwar kameez and continuously developing new styles.


The best feature of a sea green colour Punjabi suit is its versatility. You can style this salwar kameez for any event or occasion. Women can wear it to work, parties, and events and wear cotton salwar kameez at home. It is a treat to style the cotton Pakistani salwar kameez during summers because of its comfort level. 

Due to the versatile nature of the style of the Pakistani salwar kameez, it allows women to experiment with different styles. For instance, a plain red velvet-based fabric salwar kameez that you can style with a heavy golden colour dupatta. The salwar kameez also looks elegant and graceful when paired with a shawl, especially during winter.


The Pakistani salwar kameez gives a variety of options in fabric to choose from. The selection of material depends on the occasion for which you will wear it. The materials that complement the salwar kameez are silk, georgette, or zari, a treat to the eyes at significant events and festivals. 

For casual and workwear, cotton-based material provides ease and comfort and looks classy. The typical designer Pakistani salwar kameez is beautifully embroidered and gives a simple yet effective look.


The Pakistani salwar kameez is available in all price ranges to suit any budget. The price of the salwar kameez varies according to the style and design. Different styles and designs are readily available in various online stores with multiple price ranges.

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Culture and Tradition

The Pakistani salwar kameez signifies both culture and tradition. It is an emerging alternative to saree and trouser-shirt. Older folks love the Pakistani-style salwar kameez, and younger folks are increasingly incorporating it into their wardrobes. 

Different types and styles in Pakistani salwar kameez

There are different styles available for various occasions which one can choose from.

Here are a few styles of salwar kameez that you can add to your wardrobe to level up the fashion game with style and elegance.

  • Anarkali suit
  • Lawn suits
  • Straight salwar Kameez
  • Frock Kurti style salwar kameez
  • Patiala salwar kameez
  • Floor length suit
  • Sharara-style salwar kameez
  • Short flared salwar kameez 

Today’s fashion is more of a comfort-centric style. However, the confidence that comes with your clothes makes them a fashion statement, even if it is in the simplest design form. Due to the elegance, class, and comfortable essence, Pakistani salwar suits continuously grab onto wardrobes of all ages and make a fashion statement.