How Does HRMS Software Help In Digital HR Transformation?

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Digitalisation has been popularised in the past few years. And it’s a significant step forward to promote accessibility and efficiency.

With the advent of HRMS software, several monotonous HR functions will go through rapid automation. 

Integrating HRMS solutions into the workplace will be a great asset to organisations. It eases the HR team’s workload, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

An efficient uKnowva HRMS solution can easily automate complex functions like employee management and payroll services.

Ways for HRMS Software to Digitally Transform HR Processes:

Let’s explore ways HRMS software can digitalize the HR department.

Smooth and paperless digital onboarding

Employee onboarding is a stressful situation for both employers and new hires. Effective employee onboarding will set the right tone and make a great first impression on the new hire. But often, organisations don’t succeed and fail to engage and retain new hires.

Powerful HR technology like uKnowva ensures employees experience a seamless onboarding process.

uKnowva makes the new employees comfortable and welcome. In addition, it provides them with insight into the organisation’s work culture and regulations, so they don’t feel alienated.

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Purposeful collaboration and connection over the social intranet

Effective communication forms the basis of every successful organisation. It enables employees to transmit ideas with clarity and maintain integrity.

uKnowva allows organisations to create their very own communication channels. Its social intranet feature increases employee engagement and allows them to interact easily with one another.

Employees can comment, like, and interact with posts and announcements. In addition, special discussion forums enable employees to participate and share their opinions on essential company discussions.

uKnowva social intranet makes employees communicate better, resulting in quicker project delivery.

Leveraging the use of ATS (applicant tracking system):

Improper talent acquisition is one of the significant issues recruiting managers face these days. Acquiring the perfect candidate seems like a far-fetched dream in an era where competition is abundant.

uKnowva’s ATS screens through the candidates’ resumes looking for relevant keywords that best fit the job description. It then proceeds to shortlist candidates based on their skills and talent.

The applicant tracking system keeps in touch with the candidates throughout, updating them on their application status.

Real-time reports to make strategic HR decisions.

A good HR tech solution provides organisations with built-in analytics tools. These tools automatically store and retrieve HR analytics to produce quick, data-driven reports. They are reliable and effective, helping the HR team make strategic decisions. 

Manually analysing data to build a perfect report might take employees anywhere from a few hours to a few days. On the other hand, HRMS software creates accurate real-time reports with just a single click.

Automation of daily work for HR persons.

With ease and efficiency, HRMS software like uKnowva automates day-to-day HR functions ranging from employee management to payroll services with ease and efficiency.

The HR team does not have to manually maintain and coordinate a variety of excel sheets to store data anymore. uKnowva safely stores all the valuable data in a cloud-based storage system. Moreover, it ensures that the information is easily accessible and organised.

Simplified goal setting with timely tweaks.

Goal setting strategy is necessary to increase the productivity of team members and finish a project on time. Clear goals motivate employees to achieve the set target in a stipulated time. It ensures direct communication and gets everyone on board to come to an understanding.

uKnowva’s project and timesheet features drastically help in goal setting. It helps discern a team’s performance by generating project profitability and target speedometer reports.

Timesheets help employees keep track of their goals so they can achieve desired targets and meet deadlines.

Free up managers’ and HR executives’ time to work on other projects.

Mundane and repetitive HR tasks are often laborious and time-consuming. Integrating innovative HR tech tools to automate these tasks saves HRMs and executives time.

With the right HRMS solutions in place, HR professionals can dedicate their time to working on other vital projects. The HR team can direct their focus on more important matters to further refine the workforce conditions.

Employee directory for easy access and processing of employment information.

The uKnowva HRMS system helps organisations maintain a holistic employee directory. In this directory, a variety of necessary information is stored in an easily accessible format.

Colleagues can gain access to the credentials of their co-workers by looking up their profiles on the webpage.

The directory contains various custom information fields like contact details, qualification, skills, hobbies, organisational charts, etc. It helps integrate newly hired employees into the organisation and smoothens the tracking process.

ESS portal to download necessary documents by yourself. 

uKnowva HRMS software equips its employees with a self-service portal. ESS allows employees to access and download various HR-related documents simultaneously. 

These documents include pay slips, PF documents, leave and attendance sheets, company policies, form 16, etc.

A well-established ESS portal reduces employees’ dependency on other departments to complete essential tasks. It is convenient for remote and hybrid workers. It saves time and encourages employees to be more confident with their digital skills.


The integration of HRMS software into organisations quickened the digitalization of the HR industry. It is a positive change that is beneficial to organisations and employees alike. In a world that is going through rapid technological evolution, digital transformation is inevitable.

uKnowva HRMS solutions efficiently automate and streamline mundane HR tasks in an accessible and cost-effective way. 

These solutions increase the overall productivity of a firm by a large margin.

Organisations must adapt quickly and keep up with technology to achieve their organisational goals.

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