6 Best Italian Restaurants In Los Angeles

Italian Restaurants

A delicious spaghetti dish can brighten anyone’s week, no matter how bad. Even if you don’t need one, the fact that tonight’s cacio e pepe meal from the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles will help you forget that someone smashed into the side of your car as you drove it home from the repair shop is a positive. With so many excellent Italian restaurants in LA, Finding one that meets the needs of the customer is difficult. But first, let’s look at the greatest options.

6 Best Italian Restaurants In Los Angeles

Excellent Italian restaurants with fresh, hand-rolled pasta, fine meats cured in-house, and delectable pizzas that rival those found in Naples or Rome, on the other hand, continue to spring up in Los Angeles. We sifted through information on hundreds of restaurants to find your best selections

Burrata House

You may be confident that only the finest things from Italy’s most renowned producers will grace your table. Burrata House requires all its suppliers to embrace the same ideals that its owners built the company on a commitment to quality, a focus on promoting Italian goods, and a never-ending drive for progress. The primary idea of Burrata House is that the greatest way to enjoy wonderful and the best Italian food in Los Angeles with loved ones is to keep things simple by using only the freshest, locally produced ingredients

Cento Pasta Bar

You don’t have to be upset if you miss the Downtown pasta pop-up that closed. Cento, the prominent character, is back and is better than ever. The indoor/outdoor area of the West Adams site is larger than the original business within Mignon, but it has all the markings of a cozy local wine and pasta bar. Cento’s expanded menu has numerous notable new things, such as chicken liver crostini and banana pudding tiramisu. However, you’re here for the pasta, which is still excellent and ranks among the best in the city

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Mother Wolf

This opulent and romantic restaurant, recently opened in Hollywood’s soon-to-be-popular Vinyl District, is an ode to Roman gastronomy from the pasta mastermind behind Felix, one of LA’s most recognized Italian stalwarts. A few menu items bear the DOP mark, which stands for Protected Designation of Origin and denotes that the thing was grown, harvested, processed, and packed within a designated geographical region and in line with recognized practices. Handcrafted beverages and an extensive Italian wine list are also must-tries

Vincenti Ristorante.

Vincenti Ristorante, which opened more than 20 years ago, is still going strong on Los Angeles’ Westside. This Italian restaurant radiates a warm, welcoming environment with brick walls and dark wood tables. While waiting for their meals, diners at Vincenti can pass the time by watching the cooks at work. You may find classic Italian dishes such as tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and cheese ravioli on the menu. Families are welcome to lunch at Vincenti because of its pleasant atmosphere

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Chi Spacca

Chi Spacca, along with the more well-known Pizzeria and Osteria, is the crown jewel of Nancy Silverton’s Mozza empire at Melrose and Highland. Lunch at this meat-focused restaurant, set in a small crimson dining room, is reminiscent of an intimate gathering in the wine cellar of a well-known author. Expect to pay more than $100 per person for this luxury supper, during which two bottles of wine will swiftly evolve into four, and then five, courses of red meat. Chi Spacca, on the other hand, is one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles for a rich, festive supper where overeating is encouraged.


This Echo Park restaurant takes design elements from the city of Rome. Beautifully decorated with wood and dark green banquettes, it offers delicious antipasti, pizzas, and pasta servings. However, there are some nice surprises on the menu, such as the Focaccia Ebraica. Stovall’s version of Jewish pizza, a popular dish from Rome’s old Jewish neighborhood studded with nuts and dried fruit, includes currants, black olives, sea salt, and rosemary. 


What are some of the most popular Italian dishes?

Some popular Italian dishes include pasta, pizza, and risotto. Other favorites include lasagna, cannelloni, and gnocchi. Of course, there are many other delicious options to choose from!

What should I order at an Italian restaurant?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences. However, some classic dishes that are sure to please include spaghetti carbonara, chicken parmesan, and tiramisu. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try something new! Many Italian restaurants offer a wide variety of unique and tasty dishes.

Where can I find the best deals on Italian food?

One great way to save money on Italian food is to order online. Many websites offer discounts on popular dishes, so you can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. Another option is to visit an Italian restaurant during happy hour. Many establishments offer special menu items and drink deals during this time.


We all agree that the restaurants, as mentioned earlier, serve some of Los Angeles’ best and most unique cuisine, but our research has led us to the conclusion that Burrata House is the best of the group.

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