7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Facility Management Company in the US


Whether you have a commercial or residential complex, managing it is no piece of cake. It can be quite challenging to handle all the day-to-day problems that arise, and you often find yourself spending the whole day troubleshooting. This can quickly take you away from other things and keep you from being productive with your work. 

This is why it’s always best to let experts handle the task of managing your facility. There are dedicated facility management companies where you can outsource all your administrative tasks, and rest assured that all will be taken care of. 

Of course, hiring a facility management company isn’t that simple, and when you’re in the process of doing so, some due diligence can go a long way in helping you pick an appropriate service. 

As a business manager, retail shop owner, or commercial/residential property owner, you should take some extra measures to ensure that you’re handing over the tasks to a qualified service. To that end, here are some things that you should be on the lookout for when hiring a facility management company in the US for your organization or property. 

Comprehensive List of Services 

When hiring a facility management company, one of the most important things to consider is whether they provide all the services you need. Ideally, a one-stop shop for all your facility management needs will be the perfect choice as you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors. 

If you want to hire a facility management company that gives all-encompassing services, here are all the things you should ideally get from them: 

  • Property maintenance services 
  • Accounts payable and receivable services 
  • Project management 
  • Security guards and monitoring
  • HVAC repair and maintenance 
  • Waste removal and disposal services 
  • Electrical and plumbing services 
  • Escalator and elevator maintenance and repair 
  • Furniture and carpentry repair
  • Fire and life safety protection
  • Landscaping and indoor plants maintenance
  • Pest control 
  • Store-front cleaning and maintenance 

With a facility management service that offers all the above-mentioned services, you can choose one or a combination of several different services that best serve your needs.

Cost Effectiveness

When you’re in the process of hiring a facility management company, your goal is to make sure that you get excellent value for your money. This is why getting all the facility management services from one company can help you secure a cost-effective contract with them and help you save expenses. 

Before hiring a company, you should always be upfront about the services you want and get a price quote so you can compare it with other options as well. This will help you choose a company that provides the best services at the most affordable rates. However, the cost should not be the only factor you should use to decide this as you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality. 

Preventative Maintenance Policies 

One of the most important things you should look for in your facility management company is what kind of preventative maintenance policies they provide to their clients. This essentially means that they should have a proactive approach to identifying potential problems in your facility and dealing with them before they get worse. 

Ultimately, choosing a service that offers preventative maintenance of your facility can help you in all of the following ways: 

  • Reduced unforeseen downtime.
  • Lower costs in the longer run. 
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Fewer bottlenecks in your operations. 
  • No or fewer safety hazards in your facility. 

Commitment to Quality 

The quality of the services you get from the facility management company largely depends on the skills, abilities, and qualifications of the people providing the services. To that end, you can gauge the company’s commitment to quality by taking a deeper look at the partners that provide these services. 

Ultimately, your goal should be to hire a company with affiliate partners with a proven track record and an impressive portfolio of clients they’ve dealt with before. This will help you understand how committed the company is to providing you with quality services that will improve your own operations. 

Environment-Conscious Decision-Making 

Being environmentally conscious will help you become an active and contributing member of society and will also help you achieve the reputation of being socially responsible. 

Therefore, if you want to be a responsible company and wish to reduce your carbon footprint, you should always make it a point to partner with a facility management company that aligns with your ideology. From everything they do for you to the affiliate partners they choose, you should ensure that the company you choose has good practices in place. 

Understanding of Latest Trends 

When it comes to facility management, new trends are constantly emerging that can help businesses become more efficient. This is why it’s very important to choose a facility management service that is well aware of all the latest happenings and knows how to make your business more organized. 

For example, if your facility management company provides waste management services, they should know all about the examples of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to ensure streamlined waste management. They should also know the best practices on how to perform electronic and special disposals for you in the most effective manner. 

Transparency with Clients

When choosing a facility management service, it’s very important to partner with a company that’s completely transparent with you. This starts right from the beginning when they give you an exact rundown of what their services entail to the point where they execute said services. 

Ideally, your facility management company should keep you in the loop about all that goes on in your facility and give you regular updates on all the tasks they perform for you. Simply put, the company you choose should give you complete peace of mind with all the services they provide while ensuring that you’re aware of everything that goes on in your facility.  

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About the Author

The author of this post has 13 years of experience with facility management and has provided services to a wide range of clients including those in the hospitality, industrial, and healthcare industries. Currently, the author is an affiliate partner of Facilities USA, a full suite facility management service based in the US.

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