5 Instagram Posts Ideas For Instant Account Growth


Having an Instagram account isn’t an easy job. It requires posting posts regularly at the perfect time. You don’t need to let go of the things working for you. Rather, going for something new isn’t a bad idea as well. 

As Instagram is still considered one of the hottest spots where you can connect with the wider audience thus putting constant efforts will prove fruitful. According to the studies, it is eminent that around 90% of the population are Instagram users and follow at least each business which means that all the brands have the opportunity to connect with the audience not just but also to strengthen their bond with them. 

If you talk about adults, they spend around 30 minutes on Instagram daily to grow you followers and you can also buy Australian Instagram followers, so you need to develop interesting and innovative posts that would help you capture their attention when other brands have used ideas to boost their following and enhance engagement with their brand. 

Not just that, but they have also made their brand visible to a wider audience. With this, then why can’t you use it for your benefit. So if you are new in this marketing race, use these tips that will help you get the best results.

Below we have jotted down some of the Instagram ideas that would help you grow your Instagram account instantly. They consist of various types of content, for example, stories, lives, or the IGTV. 

Using all of them won’t be easy because some of them can be used instantly, while some of them would require some preplanning. The main purpose is to introduce new content to your account, which will help you enhance engagement on your account.

Try giving your audience a mental break with some puzzle.

At most, we are really busy, so busy that taking time for ourselves also seems impossible. Thus, to break that thing and give your audience the break they need rather than posting the normal posts, start coming up with innovative pots that would be eager the audience pause and think a little about your post. 

For example, suppose you are a mattress company. If we talk about that, it’s all about relaxation, So coming up with cute graphics or animation would be of great help not. You can also post puzzles that would shake people’s minds and increase their interest in your brand via stories or feed. However, there’s no reward for those coming up with the right answer except self-satisfaction. 

But that’s all we want these days now, don’t we? It’s not compulsory to design these puzzles. If you are not interested in that, it’s okay. You can ask your audience to start breathing exercises for 5 minutes with some god slow music. The main purpose is to make your audience pause for a while so that they can scroll or tap. If you cannot grow an audience no profile, you can buy Instagram followers at the lowest price to boost your credibility on Instagram.

Come up with an innovative Caption first, photos later 

If you are a brand with a distinctive voice, you should come up with a creative caption first and then the photos that would match your caption. By doing so, you would know which emotion you want to evoke rather than just writing a caption that would be picture specific.

It would help if you made your copywriting strong to use that to come up with photos that would match your content.

Try using user-generated content

You don’t have to do it all by yourself to increase your account growth. You can use and share some of your customer’s content of the course with their consent. Why ask you to use that? About 73% of the customers confirmed that user content helped them make up their minds regarding buying some product.

Adding product teasers can be of great help

If you wish to launch a new product and make it visible to a wider audience, bluntly announcing it won’t do any good. Instead, try using stories and posts to increase your customer’s attention and make them curious. 

Try building up their interest with the help of teaser photos or videos. I don’t mean that you need to generate mysterious posts to create hype. Before releasing any new product, try contacting the influencers to discuss it. 

You can also use the poll or even the question sticker to increase engagement, not just in stories. You can also change it into a guessing game or award prizes to the first few people who tend to give the right answers.

Conducting interviews on stories

For those who are hesitant to handle the virtual account keys , conducting interviews on stories might prove to be the spin on social media and a nice idea to increase the growth of your account. You can use stories to conduct a question-answer session with the guests. 

In addition to this, you can also ask your followers to ask questions from them to increase engagement on your account. If you are looking forward to creating anticipation for this, let your followers know when they should be expecting interviews to be posted and who you will be interviewing.

Coming up with innovative ideas that would boost engagement on your account might sound challenging. But we hope that these five tips have offered some inspiration and will prove helpful. Don’t restrict yourself to just one kind. Only if it is working for you try exposing your self to new challenges.s

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