The Ultimate List of the Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Tampa

Chinese Food

Discover the mouth-watering, wide-reaching variety of Chinese cuisine in Tampa! Imagine yourself in a snug restaurant, feasting on a hot basket of dim sum or a plate of torrid Szechuan chicken that makes your mouth buzz. In Tampa, the Chinese food landscape is almost as expansive as the sheer amount of good food overall found in the city, ranging from unpretentious takeout to high-concept dinners. From the bold hot peppered dishes of Hunan to the gentle and delicate flavors of Cantonese dim sum, something is sure to please in Tampa. But today, I am happy to give you The Unofficial List of the Best Chinese Food in Tampa, featuring the best Chinese food Tampa has to offer.

Ranking and Criteria

This blog breaks down eight of the best Chinese restaurants in Tampa the area has to offer. The five factors considered for ranking these restaurants are Authenticity, Taste, Ambience, Service and value for money. Garnering a blend of restaurants careful screened for both variety and deliciousness. With a clean star system and simple list we’ll help sort you through the gastronomic wonders that Lund has to offer.

Top Tier: A Culinary Journey Through Tampa

Yummy House China Bistro

Yummy House China Bistro is one of Tampa’s most well-known spots for authentic Cantonese dishes. That vibe β€” casual, cozy, close to home β€” sets this place apart for a reason, making it a first choice for family dinners or a laid back date night. You cannot go past those with their special: Salt and Pepper Calamari or the Crispy Duck. The delicate flavors and quality of the ingredients are the reason why you should try this place at least once. Prices are also reasonable, so you get a good bang for your buck with this high-caliber goodness.

Sichuan House

Sichuan House: For all the spice fanatics out there, Sichuan House is your dream come true. But a bold, blazing menu for those energetic, lively spaces is also at home in the restaurant, This is served as the Szechuan Hotpot (where the diners can choose their spice level) and with the mouth-numbing Kung Pao Chicken. It is one of the best places to be for adventurous eaters seeking to rediscover the traditional flavors of Szechuan cuisine. This is a very affordable spot to eat extremely tasty food.

China Yuan

In a relaxed setting, enjoy the perfect combination of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes at China Yuan. The Crispy Skin Roast Duck was camphor fragrant and melted in the mouth. The Sizzling Beef Platter with a combination of hot spices cooked with beef on iron plate is one of the strong numbers as well which offers a delicious experience of a rich umami flavor. Casual and unpretentious, this is a spot you can order from often. Affordable price range so can be used by all.

ABC Seafood Restaurant

ABC Seafood Restaurant is a high-end offering highlighting fresh seafood and dim sum. Packed with flavor and served in an elegant setting the food is great for special events Noteworthy signature dishes include: Lobster with Ginger and Scallions and BBQ Pork Buns. The restaurant has many prizes for his excellent products and service. Definitely worth it† but certainly if you are willing to pay the price!!

Must-Try Mentions: Exploring Culinary Diversity

Happy Fish

Happy Fish is one of the few places to get some ceviche, but they also serve a Chinese/Peruvian fusion known as Chufa. The casual yet energetic dining room defines this new culinary experience. The undoubtedly famed Arroz Chauffer (Chinese-Peruvian fried rice) and this one-dish hit wonder Ballarino Salado (stir-fried noodles) are both delicious melding of two different cultural influences.

Tasty Wok

At Tasty Wok, they bring an emphasis to traditional Cantonese cuisine. Ambience-wise it is a family-friendly place to visit. Their Peking Duck and Wonton Noodle Soup have become signature dishes that locals crave. In addition, the moderate prices make it a very attractive place for real home cooked dishes at a budget.

Oceanic Oriental Supermarket

At Oceanic Oriental Supermarket, which resides in a vibrant Asian marketplace, the locale is more of a secret eatery. The informal setting lends itself to a fast, tasty meal. Fan favourite dishes include their BBQ Pork and Roast Pork. Overall, the pricing excellent for what you are given.

Liang’s Bistro

On the other side, Liang’s Bistro is among the higher-class of traditional Chinese restaurants. This upscale atmosphere is perfect for date night or a special occasion. Sample the General Tso’s Chicken and the Shrimp Dumplings. It is a pricier indulgence but it hits the spot.

Unveiling Tampa’s Dim Sum Delights

Dim Sum Delights

Tampa is also home to a few stand-out favorites for dim sum lovers.

Ho Ho Choy

Ho Ho Choy β€” Looking for a grander modern dim sum experience with a buzzy cafeteria feel? They also have the best tasting Shrimp Dumplings and BBQ Pork Buns. It is a great, relaxed spot, wonderful for sitting down to a brunch with friends and family.

Golden Dim Sum

Golden Dim Sum offers a wonderful variety of dim sum in a nice and cozy setting. It is laid-back and casual. Exercise your taste buds with the Siu Mai and Turnip Cakes, both are great options when you are looking for authentic Cantonese dim sum. It is relatively affordable, thus perfect for weekly trips.


Chinese food in Tampa is definitely a gem because of the variety, flavors, and exciting new experiences that makes this every Chinese food lover’s paradise. With the spicy thrills of Szechuan House & dainty dim sum from Golden Dim Sum, there is something for everyone. For the seasoned food aficionado, or the Chinese food newbie, there are copious amounts of the best Chinese food Tampa has to offer. Let me know in the comments if you try anything and enjoy your culinary exploration of the wonderful world of Chinese food in Tampa! It is perfect for the taste buds.