5 Ways to Elevate Your Washroom Experience


Currently, the most vital feature in any business environment is delivering the most top-notch washroom experience. Often neglected, corporate lavatories are one of the most vital premises in a company as they can see a lot about the way you do and organize your business. It’s every company’s and any other professional business’s institution to provide a meticulous washroom experience, with clean and maintained premises for clients and guests, and a welcoming ambient for all users. If you are looking for excellent ways to provide a productive and enjoyable commercial washroom experience for all users in the corporate building, check out the 5 most sprucing ways to elevate such an experience.

1. Top up the cleaning sessions

It goes without saying that every washroom must be perfectly clean at all times since cleanliness and hygiene are crucial indoor environment components of a positive experience. The best and easiest way to ensure perfect cleanliness is to set up regular cleaning sessions. Ensure that every building has enough maids and professional cleaning staff who clean the washroom diligently and fast, and try to arrange the cleaning sessions every hour or two. Provide enough cleaning supplies and hygienic utilities such as an aromatic dispenser to achieve higher cleaning standards. When you have sufficient quality cleaning equipment and the right cleaning tools, the staff will be able to top up the cleaning sessions.

2. Invest in touchless and modern washroom amenities

 Another sprucing and effective way to elevate the washroom experience is by switching the dated appliance and going for modern washroom amenities. Nowadays, having automatic hand soap dispensers, hand dryers, modern touchless faucets, and similar means that you are keeping up with the trends, but also aiming to increase cleanliness. For instance, if you were to get quality touchless soap dispensers such as Davidson Washroom has to offer, with such modern fixtures you will stop the spread of germs and at the same time elevate the outlook of the entire washroom. All modern automatic equipment is easy to install, maintain, and use, enabling all institutions to maximally alleviate the washroom experience.

3. Create a soothing ambience with adequate lighting features

Adequate lighting plays a vital role in setting the ambiance and generating a positive impression of the washroom. Avoid having too harsh or bright fluorescent lights as that can be too direct and inappropriate for some users. On the other hand, opt for softer and more charming dim LED lights that give out a soft, calming bathroom experience. Install enough of those dimmers, especially above the mirrors or around them highlighting the user. The softer lighting choice is more welcoming and exudes a serene atmosphere which is an important feature in a washroom. Also, aim to have neutral and earthy hues for the walls to keep up with the style and apparel of the premises.

4. Bring in the tranquil vibe with decor and music

Strange as it may sound, however, background music in a washroom is a powerful tool for alleviating the user’s experience. Speakers can be neatly installed in the corners of the washroom and set to play some classical relaxing music or mimic natural or some other ambient sounds. This would trigger the users to feel cozier and more tranquil. Furthermore, adding some elegant decorative elements such as unique artwork whether it’s a sophisticated painting or galvanic vintage ornament would automatically revive the washroom. Let’s not forget plants and planters. By placing large greenish plants such as a vast palm tree, you would dazzlingly contribute to the general washroom’s outlook.

5. Enliven the senses

The smell of a washroom unfortunately is not always pleasing, to say the least. The most crucial point is to eliminate any uncomfortable odors and uplift the cleanliness and hygienic level of the washroom, but at the same time keep the place smelling lovely and refreshing. You can easily elevate the washroom’s experience by placing different air fresheners that would spray a lovely scent on a time and in that way provide an extra alluring smell at all times. What’s more, you can place scented candles that would additionally help combat the nasty smell of public washrooms.

These top 5 pieces of advice can significantly contribute to raising the experience of the commercial washroom and even help enhance the cleanliness levels. Make sure that you obey the rules and success is guaranteed.