Decorating Your Minimalist Home With Indoor Plants


Are you tired of being at home looking at empty blank space? Home decoration is the best way to hit your boredom and relax. what if we add a little more sparkle to this home decor by going sustainably and naturally.

These are possible only in indoor planting. It is scientifically proven that rooms filled with indoor foliage are likely to have less dust as compared to rooms without any plants.

Here are the lists of plants that are not only therapeutic, aesthetic but also require low maintenance for their growth, keep on reading the article to know further.

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Spider Plant

Spider plants are also called ” spider ivy “, “ribbon plants” due to their prolonged, slim leaves. The tuft and tuberous appearance of plants make them so attractive. The plant can be hung using a decorative pot, the height and diameter will not exceed more than 50 cm. The plant requires less maintenance and purifies and filtrates the air from harmful substances like formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon monoxide. It also produces a high amount of oxygen in the inside environment. This plant is well adaptable to any type of environment even like dark or shady spots, direct or indirect sunlight too. The water required by the plant is very less, therefore you can water once inĀ  2 or 3 days.

Peace Lily

As the name itself suggests the plantĀ  & flower appears to be calm and bring a peaceful state of mind. The

White flowers called peace Lily produced from the plant bring us harmony and hopefulness, thus making it more attractive. These plants can be kept in a bathroom or shady spot. NASA certified this plant as one of the excellent sources of air purifiers as it purifiers most of the harmful components present in the air

Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy’s beautiful leaves can completely transform the look of your indoor space. The plant will thrive despite the low light, dry air, and minimal watering. Besides beautifying your space, this plant also purifies the air. Due to its high survival capacity, less maintenance is required.


Among the most gorgeous flowers, begonias easily capture the hearts of people. When you have leafy green plants indoors, begonias will add variety. The plants are tropical perennials, so you will enjoy their view all year. If you are unsure of which type to choose, you can opt for Begonia Rex, a variety with leaves that have deep purple or red swirls throughout. Their light requirement and water requirements should be met only when the soil is dry.

Calathea Peacock

Adding these beautiful leaves to your living room or study will add charm to the space. It will look more serene when you place it against a wall of white or pastel color. The decorative leaves of this plant are pink with red flecks, and it prefers to grow in medium to low light. As it is non-toxic, your pets can also play in it without fear of harm. Moreover, it gives an elegant look to your home.

Tips to maintain indoor plants

Here are some basic tips for maintaining healthy indoor plants.

Different plants require different requirements for their growth, performances, etc. In the absence of enough light, your indoor plants will struggle and generally look unhealthy. To avoid such conditions, the installation of LED grow lights build up a suitable environment for plant growth. Growing under LED grow lights will significantly improve your indoor plants’ photosynthetic efficiency since they actively provide photosynthetic radiation.

LED grow lights are energy-efficient, emit less heat, and consume less power. In LED grow lights, blue and red light combination promotes better plant growth. LED grow lights contain blue rays which activate chlorophyll pigments and increase photosynthetic reactions, whereas red light helps with blooming flowers. They’re cheap to provide to your plants.


To sum it up, decorating your home or workspace with indoor planting is one of the wisest strategies to improve our overall mood and also decrease our stress levels. Unlike other plants, indoor plants require minimal love and care for their astonishing growth. Working with indoor foliage may help in sharpening your brain, boosting your productivity, and enhancing peace and harmony within your state of mind.