Why You Should Buy Kawaii Plushies at Mewaii Brand

Kawaii Plushies at Mewaii Brand

Mewaii brand was founded in 2020 and within few time, this brand become popular among people. In its first collection, mewaii introduces a ‘meta and kawaii plushes’ it’s a squish plush which is the ultra-soft plushies series. They are adorable and super-cute animal shape plushies. They are huggable craft. Which bring smile to everyone face.  Each mewaii Plushies has its own adventure and magical power which provide relaxation, fun and prove to be your best friend. It is soft enough that it will be fit into your arms and cuddle with this soft plushie.

There is multiple sizes, colours and shape of plushies. You can gift it to your friends. It has various colours you can choose it according to your demand. Like; black, pink, white and many more colours. If we talk about its shape, mewaii offers the many shapes to its customers. Like; mushroom, short cat and long cat family.

 Long cat plush:

Long cat plush is very unique and looks beautiful. It seems like a read enough. People like to hold it and decorates its room with mewaii plush. Long cat plush is firstly introduce by us and people like our unique idea of plushies. It is 20 inches and maximum size of long Cat Kitten Stuffed Animal Kawaii Plush Pillow Squishy toy is 56 inches. And between them there is different sizes according to your choice.

Mewaii offer a different colours like; gray, white, pink and black. As we know black is everyone’s favourite colour so, it is on trending. Many customers but kitten stuff in black.

There is another variety in black colour that its highlighted parts shines in darkness. It looks more beautiful at night.

Quality stuff:

Another positive thing is that mewaii uses quality fabrics that will not be rough in 1 or 2 years. We give a guarantee of our soft toys. Mewaii makes better plush toys with higher-end materials. It is very easy to clean. Mewaii toys is very colourful and look good.

All customers give positive feedback and rating. They said that mewaii products is very beautiful and soft. The get what they expected. A highly quality material used. Toys has perfect body shape and nice enough. They order again and again and customers trust on mewaii plushes. Mewaii never disappoint us.

We always introduce new ideas and new collections which attracts our buyers. Our products is internationally renowned. Within 15 days we deliver the order. If customer is not satisfied with our products we refund his money. Feel free and without any hesitation you can trust on our online store.

For order; you can simply visit our website and place your order. We also offer discounts on toys on events. Our soft plushes price is affordable. We also offer long family, short kittens, fluffy toys mushroom shape and ocean family toys, having a different prices and vast colour variety. We also offer a different payment methods for your convincing. Visit our online store and sign-up you will be get in touch with our new arrivals and promotions.