What makes custom MMA gloves powerful gear?

custom MMA gloves

Are you being indecisive about opting for boxing gloves or custom MMA gloves? If so, you safely landed at the right place. There are so many compelling aspects of customized MMA gloves which will instantly make up your mind! Eager to get started? So are we. 

But before that, let’s take a quick overview of its origin.

Custom MMA gloves: From the archives

 MMA gloves were not part of UFC until the Japanese Shooto promotion. 

It caught the spotlight for the first time when Bruce Lee opted to wear it in his movie ‘Enter the Dragon’. The strange-looking gloves we now know as customized MMA gloves came into existence.

This unique story surely has kept its admirer hooked! But there are other reasons why you want to appreciate these mighty gloves.

Let’s hover to the next section for the most significant features of customized MMA gloves.

Vital aspects of custom MMA gloves

Strong build

These thinly padded gloves might appear vulnerable but possess high resistance. You can not think of a better combination of power and feathery feel in fighting gloves. But a customized MMA glove surely provides you with both.

Also, these gloves are made of leather, making them even more robust. Leather is said to sustain every situation and weather condition. It makes a perfect pick for a heated contest like MMA.

Cemented lock

The distinctive design of personalized MMA gloves looks eye-catchy and helps you defend. These leather gloves come in a finger-less and open-palm style. It makes it easier for a wearer to grapple opponents and maintain a secure lock. 

Such a feature is not attainable in other boxing gloves. Also, it makes things seamless for fighters with its comfortable and breathable fabric. Moreover, the y-shaped curve design allows you to settle down and flex your fingers to keep you energized.

Easy to wear

Unlike bulky boxing gloves, custom MMA gloves are easy to put on and off. With a long strap wrist strap clasp, you can secure your wrist from severe injuries too.

Also, it helps you avoid improper fitting issues too. On the contrary, boxing gloves are heavier and cover your hand, making breathing difficult. You are most likely to feel exhausted as they aren’t airy as customized MMA gloves.

Fits every hand

The beauty of customized MMA gloves is that it caters to every hand and budget. Whether you have big or tiny hands, you can still find a perfect match.

All you need to have is your accurate palm circumference, and you’re good to go in the ring. MMA is one high-voltage sport. You are expected to be up on your feet firmly to take down your opponents.

You are less likely to achieve your goals with unprofessional training and fallacious customized MMA gloves. Always make sure you work on both.

Intense punching capacity

What are fighting gloves without indeed punching power? Nothing! Well, a personalized MMA gloves manufacturer ensures you never question it. Be assured while wearing MMA gloves that it is packed with 4x more punching power. 

You can now have the most interesting to try out mixed martial arts. With customized MMA gloves, you can now show off your wrestling, kicking and punching skills all at once.

Such a unique and vicious game format does require a gear with an ample amount of protection. A custom MMA glove is one great pick for it.

What makes a custom MMA glove a shield for battlers?

You might think of wearing layers of protective wraps and hand bands before going for MMA, but it will only make you a weak opponent. Why? Because layers of hand wraps will make you feel heavy and require more power to punch. Such an act will only keep you away from the title. 

But by opting for customized MMA gloves, you will make your life and game much easier. These light-weighted gloves will provide enough cushion and space to move your fingers. Moreover, foam padding protects your knuckles and fingers from injuries, bruises and fists. 

Sum up

Getting a custom-made MMA glove will only help you polish your fighting skills. For MMA, you need to be competent and well-equipped. And every MMA fighter gear kit is incomplete without customized MMA gloves.

We are here to make your search for fine-quality personalized MMA gloves feasible.

Renowned online store selling personalized MMA gloves

Who doesn’t like to give a personal touch to their custom MMA gloves? We all do. Therefore, we have filtered out one of the most reputable stores providing customization services.

Infinitude Fight now enables fighters to design their personalized MMA gloves. You can be assured of premium quality gloves with finishing touch. 

Moreover, you can have your logos and taglines printed to make it your trademark. If not, they have an extensive range of premium quality leather gloves in vivid colors and sizes from which you can choose.

Get your hands on MMA gloves and unleash the power!

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