What Do You Need To Do If Your Tap Water Has A Funny Colour?


Tap water can be of different colors, tastes, and chemical compositions depending on the area you are living in and the condition of your water tank. If you are experiencing hard water issues or your tap water has a funny color, do not take things lightly. 

Hard water or water with any color can not be good for your health. You may fall sick or ruin your hair, skin, and clothes by using that water for washing and cleaning. Here are some things that you can do to make water safe for your use. 

1. Clean The Water Tank

Sometimes water issues arise because of the dirty tank. If the supply water coming from the main water reserves is clean, then you should consider checking out your water tank. With time, water tanks can develop moulds and get rusty. 

Get a deep cleaning for your water tank. Empty all the water and thoroughly clean the inside of the tank. Make sure to whitewash the interior walls and let them dry before you refill the tank. A fresh coat of whitewash can kill germs and remove odour from the tank. 

2. Install Water Treatment Plant

If the water coming from the main reservoir is unclean, then you should consider installing water treatment systems at your home. These treatment systems can filter the solid debris and excess chemicals from the water making it safer for human consumption. 

Water treatment plants can soften the hard water by reducing the chemical content in water, therefore, making it much safer for use. Hard water can destroy your skin, hair, clothes, and even utensils since hard water can not fully dissolve detergents and make it difficult to get them out of clothes, hair, and utensils.  

3. Check Your Plumbing 

Sometimes, rusty pipes and faucets can be a reason behind your colored water issue. If you are facing water issues in one particular tap, then there must be an issue with the tap. You can descale the faucet or replace it with a new one. 

Hiring plumbing repair services can help you find out if there is an issue with your plumbing pipes. If your pipes have scaly deposits of salts and minerals, they can repair them professionally, otherwise, they will suggest you install new pipes. 

4. Find Alternative Water Resources

If your problem is not on the inside but from the outside, that is, the water reserve is now unhygienic for your use, you should look for alternative water resources. If you have a boring system in the hose, you can check for another spot and test the water level and its quality. Sometimes, one reserve reaches its full potential and any more water left is either dirty or full of chemicals.  

Finding alternative water reserves can help you sort out the issue. If you are receiving community supplies, then your entire community might be facing the same issue. You can talk to your neighbors and find a collective solution to your water problems.