What are the Applications and Challenges of Drupal?


Drupal is simply an open-source content management software (CMS) for building websites which was created in 2001. It is distributed for free of cost under the GNU General Public License, and the best part is that it has no licensing fees. More than a million websites use CMS for simple blogs to complex ones, especially high-traffic platforms. However, Drupal has some really interesting applications and challenges of Drupal.

Drupal has grown its popularity since it is extremely customizable with flexible incorporations. It contains thousands of add-on modules, including calendars or even social media sharing buttons, with mix and matches functionality. Drupal was planned to keep in mind the security aspect, along with strong coding standards, a dedicated security team, and a difficult community code review process. A secure platform is particularly important, especially because of the threat of hackers. Companies are continuously reporting all kinds of the security breach. Since Drupal is a search engine optimized with modules that inevitably create SEO-friendly page titles and URLs for the customers. 

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Applications and Challenges of Drupal:

Explore some of the amazing applications and Challenges of Drupal that you might be encountering in the future.

Drupal Applications

It is famous for its best performance, security, and flexibility. Drupal is significant for the huge variety of businesses and apps to create robust sites.


Drupal’s security standards make it seamless for financial sites, including investment companies, banks, and payment mainframes. In addition, you can configure the technology for robust encryption, considering firm privacy laws, comprising all those from Payment Card Industry (PCI).


Local governments are often looking to decrease the costs since Drupal is open source and appealing. Moreover, its security principles are in accordance with the FEDRamp regulations. There are more than 150 countries in the world that are using Drupal for government websites. 

Higher education:

Drupal is used for creating applications, sites, and specifically publishing in the education departments. Customization helps the departments in controlling their content, whereas encryption defends student information. In fact, 71 best universities all over the world use Drupal.

Sports and entertainment:

Drupal is able to control large traffic spikes using a built-in cache system. Therefore it makes it the best prime for sporting as well as entertainment administrations. Major League Soccer decided to select Drupal for the site due to its best multimedia competencies, letting fans watch their favorite matches and events on their devices.


It is an ability to create multi-channel proficiencies that makes Drupal the prime option for media outlets. More than half of the world’s top 30 media corporations use it to publish the content and power digital platforms, including NBC, BBC, etc.


Drupal’s encryption system comprises HIPAA-compliant. The aim is to secure the sensitive patient data. In addition to this, Drupal helps the companies to modify their user experience by improving patients’ commitment and satisfaction.


Merchants of all masses are using Drupal only because of its ability to customize the website to build an exclusive customer experience. In addition to this, it safely handles the checkout and payments.

What are the challenges of Drupal?

  • Drupal is more complex in comparison with several other CMS platforms using an advanced interface. It is not even intuitive for users who are less expert with site-building technology.
  • Drupal provides 60 core modules. Therefore if you have more intricate requirements, you will have to choose and install plugins and extensions, which are very time-consuming.
  • Even if Drupal is free, there are many modules created by suppliers that are not free, and you might have to bear the extra costs if you need features beyond the basics.
  • Business owners do not have rudimentary coding skills for hiring a site designer as the platform is not for novices.
  • Third-party modules can easily slow down your website, users, and modules that are not always compatible. Hence it can lead to website crashes. 

Drupal Hosting Solutions

Drupal offers a framework for the site. In addition to this, secure Drupal hosting makes it much more accessible for visitors on the internet. A fast Drupal hosting provider keeps a record of all the website data on the server. So if someone wants to see your website, they will have to enter your domain address in their browser. In this way, their computer will automatically connect with your hosting provider’s server, providing your webpages to the screen.

fast Drupal hosting provider provides you with numerous services for launching and maintaining your site. For instance, the host needs to make sure that you meet standard compliance regulations in your industry. 

Therefore, it offers you upgrades, recovery, and backup solutions to ensure that your site installs the up-to-date version. The security patches make sure to reduce the downtime and increase the customer experience. Secure Drupal Hosting providers enable you to review your performance and suggest multiple ways to improve it by offering online and telephone support for issues regarding your website and custom code.

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