What’s In Your Office? Top WFH Essentials For Nursing Students

Essentials For Nursing Students
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It isn’t just backpacks that are essential for a nursing student, especially with the rise in online learning. Remote and distance nursing degrees have become the norm for so many nursing students, and that trend is only going to continue as more students realize that they can dream beyond their RN license and consider all that they can do with a background in nursing.

Just as you need a strong, sturdy to-go bag as a nursing student you also need to have a WFH space that makes it easy and stress-free to learn at home. Combine your great WFH space with a supportive routine that makes it easy to commit regularly to your degree and you will make the consistent, steady progress you need to reach your goals.

These top WFH essentials can help those at all degree stages. You may be someone just starting out in their career, or someone that is looking to start their second career with an accelerated BSN online. Considering that the top online ABSN programs are intensive, full-time programs, the importance of being able to consistently work in the same space becomes all the more apparent.

You will always need a great space to study and learn, regardless of whether you are earning a BSN, MSN, or even doctorate. Setting up your space with these top tips will make it easier to learn and to study with minimal interruptions, and more productive study periods:


Identifying Your WFH Space

The first step is to identify your WFH space. For some, this is easy. If you have a spare room that you were thinking of converting into an office then the hard work is already done. If you live in a small space, however, it can be harder to find the ideal home office.

If you do live in a small space then you will need to look for unique opportunities. One of the best options is to look for any nooks. If there is an alcove for example you can install a desk and shelves that both expand the usefulness of your space but also the storage options. Doing this can be as simple as getting wood shelves and a desk cut to the size you need, and installing them in the walls.

For those with not only limited space but a family who also needs to use your home, however, you may find it better to look for outside study spaces. A great, simple option is your local library, or even a café. If you want a more dedicated space with top amenities, you may want to look into hotdesking. There are even options that allow you to affordably book space in hotel lobbies.

Top Equipment You Will Need

There are a few tools that are almost universally a great investment for those looking to complete an online nursing degree.


1.     A Second Monitor

With a second monitor you can watch videos or even have a PDF document on one screen and your own notes on the second. The monitor in question does not have to be particularly large either, and can be portable if that is something that you need. If you have a tablet, for example, chances are you can use that tablet as your second monitor with just a little bit of configuration.

If you have a permanent desk space, however, you may want to consider getting a full-sized second monitor, as this will make it easier to see all the documents and content you need to learn at once, minimizing time spend scrolling from one program to the other.


2.     Noise-Cancelling Headphones

One of the most difficult parts of working from home is the ambient noise. This is particularly true if you have kids at home, who play loudly. Even if your partner is more than capable of handling all the disasters of the house during your dedicated study time, the noise in and of itself can be a huge distraction. Noise-cancelling headphones, even without music, can help dampen that noise and make it easier to focus.

If you have trouble focussing even with them, of course, you may benefit from finding a white-noise option that helps you stay focussed and motivated.


3.     Wi-Fi Booster

There is nothing more frustrating when you are attempting to work from home on anything than a slow internet connection. If you have poor internet in general upgrading can be a worthwhile investment. If you are simply in a part of the home that does not receive a strong Wi-Fi connection, however, then you will want to get an internet booster.


4.     Desk Setup

Never underestimate how important the right office chair can be. If you are uncomfortable that will bleed through your entire study-at-home experience. It can also exacerbate stress by adding to the pain and tension in your body.

Your chair needs to provide the right support, your desk needs to be at the right height for you, and don’t be afraid to go further than that. Many use laptop stands in order to position their laptop at eye level and then use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard in order to type notes. This eliminates the need to look down, which can cause neck tension, headaches and various other issues.


5.     Study Programs

There are many great online learning programs and tools that can make your degree even simpler. When choosing programs try to stick with options that are cloud-based. Not only can you access these cloud-based applications from anywhere, you can also work collaboratively.

Use OneNote, for example, and you can work with your peers to create detailed notes and study guides that you and everyone in your group has access to, and can add to. These collaborative notes can enhance your understanding, and add that missing social element that many remote and online degrees lack.

From reference managers to focus tools that make it impossible to access distracting sites for specific periods of time, there are many tools and programs available that can improve your ability to complete your nursing degree at home.