Wall frames – How to install a wall picture 11×14 frame

wall picture 11x14 frame
wall picture 11x14 frame

Here are some tips for attaching hardware to a picture frame to wall frames.

In fact, there are two main steps to installing wall frame hardware. First, you need to choose the right wall frame for the frame you want to hang. Second, you need to place the hardware in the correct place on the picture frame. While it may seem super easy, it can be tricky. Here are some tips for installing picture frame hardware on a wall frame.

Step # 1: Use the right photo frame hardware

If it’s a well-finished picture frame no larger than 11 x 14 inches, it usually comes with picture frame hardware. If it does not come with hardware, a saw blade or two eye hooks will solve the problem. 

If your wall frame is smaller than an 11×14 frame, you should use a hanger with saw teeth, as they are very easy to install. Saw hangers come in a variety of sizes, so if your wall frame is smaller than 8×10, small or medium-sized saw hangers will work well. Larger frames than 11×14 or 8×10 require larger hinges in the shape of saw teeth. For heavy frames or large picture frames, it is best to use eye hooks because they can handle the extra weight or size better than hangers with sawtooth teeth. Eye hooks are a bit more difficult to install because they require more effort and a few extra step.

Step no. 2: Find out how you want to hang the frame

Identify the direction in which you want to hang the wall frame and start installing the correct picture frame hardware.

In the case of hangers with sawteeth, make sure that they are attached straight and in the middle (or you will have trouble hanging the wall frame correctly). Measure the width of the frame and then divide the measurement into two parts to find the dead-end of the saw hinge. A small level will help you check if the hanger is straight or not.

The eye hooks, on the other hand, are screwed into the wooden molding of the frame to better handle the weight of the frame. To install the hooks with the eyelets, you need to screw in the two hooks and thread the wire through them. Before screwing in the eye hooks, decide where to place them. Before you begin, place the markers with a pencil where the screws go. The hooks are designed to be screwed to the right and left sides of the frame. 

Measure 1/3 of the length of the sides of the frame from above and mark them – these are the places where the hooks with eyelets hit. When the places are correct, pre-drill the holes and then screw in the hooks. With the hooks attached, pass the wire through them. Make sure the hooks are even and use only the correct length of wire so that your wall frame rests perfectly on the wall. Be sure to leave clearance on the wire – if you thread it too tightly, the frame will not appear correctly on the wall.

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Installing picture frame hardware on these wall frames may seem a little complicated at first glance, but if you have good hands, it’s quite easy. If you are unsure, ask your frame dealer to do this task for you for the first time. Then you can try it for yourself next time.

Use image mats to make your framed pictures more attractive

If you want to get a very special gift for a closed one, one of the best options is a personalized framed photo. In fact, you can make a picture yourself and frame it right at your home. Pictures can be easily framed using colored mats. The primary goal of these mats is to make the image look more organized and beautiful. They are placed as a border around the photo to make them look more distinctive and attractive. When you use these mats, you’ll be amazed at how these simple picture mats can turn your pictures into a lot.

One of the most commonly used sizes for image mats is the 11X14 mat. These mats are of a reasonable size, which is neither too large nor too small. You will need to consider the size of the printed photo before using the 11X14. This is important because an image that is too small will look overshadowed by the size of the mat. However, if your image is large, you may want to choose a 16×20 mat that better suits your image.

The picture frame mat allows an image of any size to fit in the picture frame and look attractive. The mat is inserted between the photograph and the glass, thus forming a second frame for the picture. You can also cut the mat to the specific size or shape you like. This will allow you to decorate your image in a better way. You can even place icons or write words on the picture mats to make them more personalized. Most importantly, these mats help protect your photo from dust moisture and other external factors.

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