Traveling? You’d be needing these skincare tips


It is easier to pamper your skin from the convenience of your vanity. All the products you need are right there, yes, all 55 of them. You have mastered your skincare ritual, in fact, it is a part of your daily routine. 

But what about the times that you travel? There is only so much room in the luggage, and naturally, you can only carry so much. 

Since you have worked so hard to make your skin healthy, abandoning the skin care routine is not ideal. While travelling, your skin comes across different environments, you tend to eat more freely, the weather of the area may be different. All of this then has an impact on your skin, which can be partially mitigated by a good skincare routine. 

So, the question then arises, what should you be carrying when traveling? For people with special skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, etc., conferring with their Dermatologist in Karachi might be necessary in case their condition flares up during travel. 

Otherwise, you can read on to pack the travelling essentials you’d be needing to ensure that your skin looks great as your trapeze around the world!


You don’t know what type of cleanser your hotel would offer, if they do, to begin with, so make sure that you pack your own. Since one does not need too much of it and there is only so much room, try to put it in travel-sized bottle. After a day of being out and about, you need to wipe the dirt, pollutants, and pathogens off your skin. 

Make sure that you pack your makeup cleanser separately; some of the makeup cannot be removed with a cleanser alone. 


There is nothing as essential as a moisturizer when you are traveling. When your skin lacks hydration, the water barrier becomes compromised, which then contributes towards moisture loss from the skin. 

Dry skin does not only itch a lot, but it is also more prone to breaking. Since your skin plays an important role in keeping pathogens at bay, any breakage therein then gets the pathogens a pathway to inside your body. 

Moreover, dryness also makes the skin look patchy. Skin also feels as if taut, with sandpaper-like feel upon touching. 

Hence, it is vital that you don’t skip on your moisturizer. Try to bring your bottle, and a travel size smaller one so you can carry it easily in your purse as you spend the entire day exploring. 

Moreover, be sure to check the weather before choosing your moisturizer. If you are traveling to some place with hot to warm weather, you are good to go with a lotion. Otherwise, for colder areas, you’d be needing a more robust form of moisturizer, so go for a cream formula. 

Lips are important 

Often, skincare essentials fail to neglect the lips. If you don’t want chapped and dry lips that break and bleed in places, you better pack your lip balm as well. If you will be spending a lot of time out in the Sun, for example as is the case with beach vacation, then get a lip balm with SPF so that your lips are also protected against the damage from the sun. 

Sunscreen is non-negotiable 

Sunlight contains UV radiation that damages the skin, causes premature aging and hyperpigmentation alongside posing the risk of cancer. Hence, it is pertinent that you be diligent about packing your sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. 

Carry it all the time with you since sunscreen needs to be applied every 2 hours.

Emergency stash 

If your skin is prone to acne, or other issues, then try to keep the essential creams and potions, as recommended by your Skin doctor in Lahore. Try also to pack an antibiotic ointment in case your skin undergoes some cuts or scraps. Also, consider anti-mosquito creams if they are relevant. 

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