Top Tips for Website Accessibility – accessiBe


Making things accessible for everyone is something we should all want to be a part of. It is something that all of us should view as a priority. In a lot of areas, accessibility has been taken on and addressed in recent times. But one area that is still trying to catch up is on the internet. There are still a lot of websites out there that have not yet become accessible. The fact that this is still such a big problem has caused governments around the world to take action and now it is a legal requirement to make sure a website you own is accessible. Thank goodness for companies, like accessiBe, who are helping to make this process as easy as possible so that you can comply with the laws of the land and help those living with a disability at the same time. But what kind of things will help to make a website accessible? There are a number of things, but I’ve listed a few below to give you an idea.

  • Make sure your website is keyboard-friendly

How can you have a keyboard-friendly website? By making sure that your whole site is accessible through using only a keyboard. This is because using a mouse is difficult, or simply not possible, for some people, but having everything accessible through the keyboard can make all the difference.

  • Have easy to access contact

There is such a thing as dynamic contact. Not sure what this is? A page can continually update depending on different factors, based on what different individuals are interested in. Take for example when you are shopping online. While you sit and consider whether or not you need to buy this item, you will likely get information popping up on your screen that tells you there are others looking at or purchasing the same product right at that moment, or in the last number of hours. While this could be good for businesses, it is sometimes a problem for those with certain disabilities meaning they could lose important content on the page they are viewing.

  • Be careful with your use of colours

You want to make sure all content on your page is clear and easy to understand. This involves your use of colours. For some, if colours aren’t clear and on contrasting backgrounds, it can make it really difficult for some people to see your webpage.

These are just some of the ways that you can make a website accessible. But rather than have to think of these and many more things, why not get an experienced company to do the work for you.