Best Astrological tips to increase wealth



Like bread, clothes, and a house, we also need money to survive. Therefore, financial success is equally important as our happiness. But we often wonder why some people achieve more financial success in life than others. Many of us can not get Monterey abundance despite hard work, diligence, and firmness. The world offers endless reasons to achieve wisdom, but our stars or destiny decide financial success. Here are the best tips from Online Jyotish for increasing your financial success and getting wealth to lead a happy life.

Always keep the Northeast side of your house clean

According to Vedic astrology, the house’s northeast corner is considered serene and auspicious. Therefore, astrologers suggest planning your puja room or worshipping corner of your home. Try always to keep the northeast side of your house neat and clean. It can help maintain the happiness, peace, and prosperity of the house and create more positivity in the house environment.

  1.     Avoid planting thorny plants in the house

According to Astrologer Online Consultation, thorns or milk-producing and poisonous plants should not be planted in your house. As these plants have thorns, it is believed that they can make your life thorny too and are not good for your physical wellness also.

  1.     Keep the doors of bathrooms and toilets closed

According to Vastu, you must keep the doors of the bathrooms and toilets shut always. Astrologers believe that these places can influence your financial success, and if it is kept open always, they can affect your financial condition. You can also chat with astrologers to know more.

  1.     Try to keep the broom in a hidden place

Vedic astrology and astrologers online believe that the broom is considered a symbol of Lakshmi. So, you must try to keep the broom in a hidden place to attract financial gain. Also, never keep the broom near the locker or place of worship.

  1.     Worship Kuber to get blessings of wealth

You often find that you earn a lot every month, but you can’t save a penny. In these cases, try to follow the astrological remedy of worshipping lord Kuber to get his blessings. You can place a photo of lord Kuber on the north side of your house and worship the image daily to get his blessings. You can also place a Kuber yantra or an idol of Kuber on the north side to attract financial success.

  1. Position of the cash locker

Try to keep your cash locker or cash box on the south or southwest wall of the house. You must also keep in mind that the box may open dancing north. North is the side of Lord Kuber, and it can give you financial success.

  1. Place a mirror in front of the cash locker

Placing a mirror in front of the cash box is considered auspicious to bring financial blessings into the house. It is believed that whenever you open the box, the image is reflected in the mirror, and it is a blessing for you.

  1. Always earn in honest ways

Astrology suggests that money that is earned through illegal means is not good. It can give you temporary pleasure, but it is not for long days. Always try to follow the righteous path of truth to earn your living. You must put your best effort into earning money and never take the wrong approach to make money.

  1. Respect women in your house

According to Vedic astrologers, women are considered the symbol of the goddess of Lakshmi. Therefore, always try to respect every woman at your house and outside. If a lady is pleased with your behaviour, it is considered that Maa Lakshmi is happy with you. Therefore, respecting women is a good sign of gentle gesture and is the best way to get financial success to lead a prosperous life.

  1. Donate often to the needy people

Charity is considered one of the best means to attract financial success. Try to donate a portion of your money at regular intervals to needy people. Astrology suggests that you can get prosperity and charity by offering a part of your earnings. It will please Maa Lakshmi, and you can get her blessings to become more financially successful.

  1. Importance of Tulsi plant

Tulsi plant, according to ancient Vedic astrology, not only has medical significance but the plant has spiritual values also. So plant a Tulsi at your house entrance and offer water to the plant every morning. Also, worship the plant and put a ghee-lit mud lamp in front of the plant every evening. Vedic astrology considers it the symbol of Devi Lakshmi, and by doing this, you can get more prosperity in life. You can also chat with astrologers online and take help from expert astrologers and know more about it.


So, here are the best tips to attract financial gain. You can also get help from a reputable online Jyotish to learn more about financial success.

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