Tips and tricks to avoid distractions while Studying.


One thing that has always troubled students while Studying of different ages is that they try to make plans and sit for their studies, but they are not able to do so since they are always distracted by something or the other. These distractions play a vital role in disturbing the concentration of students thereby resulting in loss of their studies and decreasing academic performance. Students complain that they try hard to do things on their own and concentrate on their work but aren’t able to do so because of these distractions. Thus, ultimately these students are not able to understand concepts well and have to go for help in homework. 

Distractions can be of several types- your phones and other electronic gadgets, some good movies, enjoyment with other friends, sleep and the like. All these things have to be dealt with effectively and seriously so that the students are able to cope up with this problem and do not need homework help.

Thus, some of the tips to avoid such distractions and stay focused on studies are as follows:

  1. Begin by making a study plan for the day:

 Study plans help students understand their target of the day and thus helps them to move that way. If you have a study plan at hand, you will be able to move ahead with a set goal and will know what you have done and what you have to do.

  1. Say NO to these distractions: 

As we have already mentioned, distractions trouble the students and deviate their mind from studies. Thus, students must make a use of their willpower to avoid these distractions and keep themselves focused. It has to always come from the motivation you have inside yourself. while Studying

  1. Settle yourself in a peaceful area while Studying :

 There are most chances of being distracted if you are in an are of lot of noise as well as people around. The activities happening around you may trouble you as well as act as distraction. Therefore, you must try settling yourself in a peaceful area. 

  1. Try to do one thing at a time: 

If you try to chase two rabbits at a time you won’t be able to catch even one. Such activities would demotivate you and make you more prone to distractions. Therefore, one must try doing one activity at a time. while Studying

  1. Try studying for short durations at a time: 

Studying for hours and hours at a go would not bear you fruitful results. Thus, it becomes mandatory to take short breaks between the studying hours. Go for a 45 minutes study and then a 15 minute break in order to break the monotony. If you try studying everything together, your mind will not be able to concentrate and will become more prone to distractions. 

  1. Do not go to check messages in the breaks: 

This is a very prevalent technique among students to go for breaks that comprise checking their phones. This become the best way to welcome distractions and thus must be avoided. 

  1. Benefit with the help of The Pomodoro Technique:

 You can use this technique where short duration slots of 25 minute each are allotted for studies and a timer is also set to remind for the same. As the timer goes off, you can tick the task on your check list.

  1. Defeat distractions by defeating sleep: 

This is a vey common habit and problem with people. Students complain that as they sit to study, they start feeling sleepy and can’t concentrate on their work. This becomes the biggest distraction for them and thus their attention is diverted from the studies.

  1. Shuffle between various subjects:

 If you try to do only one subject at a time, you are bound to get bored and hence distracted, thus try going for different subjects in a line, to break the monotony and maintain concentration to avoid any distraction. 

  1. Try rewarding yourself:

 Rewards have always motivated the students. You can decide for yourself what thing you want to do after you complete your studies and can go for the same. This would keep you focused and help you avoid distractions.

  1. Avoid studying in bed:

 This habit would definitely make you feel sleepy thus distracting you from your work. Therefore, if you wish to avoid distraction caused by sleep, do not study in bed. while Studying

  1. Meditation:

 This technique will help keep your mind focused on one thing and build up concentration. Meditation would thus help you avoid distraction.  

  1.  Make study groups only if favorable:

 This point is a very subjective one. While some may be able to concentrate well with the help of these study groups, some students may face problem and get distracted in these groups. Therefore, find out for you own self what suits you the best and then do while Studying accordingly.

  1. Eat healthy and make it a habit: 

See, this is the most important pint that one must keep in mind while he or she is a student, and thereafter as well. If you do not eat healthy, chances of you getting sick are increased and you may then get distracted form your studies due to this sickness and the weakness in the recover period. while Studying Thus make it a habit to eat healthy and avoid getting ill. Hence, one must try to follow these few tips and tricks to avoid any distraction and keep oneself focused so that they ultimately, don’t have to go for help in homework. But remember that success depends on how diligently one follows these instructions and abides by them. Following them for a day or two won’t earn the desired results. One must make them a habit and inculcate them in their routine so that sch students don’t have to then go for help in homework.