The Benefits of Area Rugs


Do you want to add some style to your space in a cost-efficient way? Do you want your space to feel warmer, more inviting and cozier? Do you want to cover up a stain on your carpet or hardwood that just won’t budge? Do you have clumsy kids or pets?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, buying an area rug is the ultimate solution. Area rugs have a lot of benefits that are not often considered in the bigger picture of interior design elements. The following includes some of the many benefits of area rugs and rug source has to provide very unique designs and patterns.

Covering Stains that Won’t Budge

If your home is covered in carpet or old hardwood or tile, you know how challenging it can be to hide blemishes or stains. Instead of going through the difficult and expensive process of re-varnishing your floor or re-carpeting the room, use a rug to cover up unsightly areas on the floor. This benefit is especially advantageous if you’re renting your current home and don’t have the option of making a permanent change to the flooring or carpet. Adding an area rug is a fantastic way to cover stains while adding a personal touch to a home rental.

Lowering Your Heating Bill

Area rugs not only promote the feeling of warmth in your space, they actually literally will add warmth. In Canadian winters, it’s important to insulate your house by any means necessary. You can add warmth while adding style with an area rug. Rugs provide thermal resistance also known as R-value. R-value evaluates a material’s ability to insulate and resist heat flow. According to research, area rugs can insulate a space approximately 10 times more than hardwood flooring. This extra insulation is even more crucial for basement apartments where floors can be extremely cold. To add even more warmth, place a pad underneath the area rug. Pads will not only ensure that the rug stays in place, but they will also add an extra layer of insulation.

Making It Easier to Walk Through Your House

Obviously, rugs are softer to the touch than hardwood or tiled flooring. There’s no denying that area rugs are more comfortable to walk around on or stand on than hard surfaced floors. Area rugs not only feel nice and soft but they also are very flexible. This flexibility causes the rug to absorb the impacts of your movements and takes pressure off of your body. If you have a standing desk or you know you’ll be standing for long periods of time in a certain area you should absolutely put a rug down. As aforementioned, rug padding is helpful for adding extra insulation. This padding also adds extra absorption. They help add grip so the rug so it will stay in place even with a lot of movement. If you have a hard surface floor, we highly recommend investing in a memory foam rug pad to go along with your area rug for extra comfort. The rug will mould to your footsteps and have you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.

Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Absorbent area rugs make it easier for clumsy children and pets to hold their balance. If you have a baby who’s just learning to walk or an old dog who doesn’t have use of all of their vision, an area rug will provide a nice safety net. It’s a lot nicer to take a tumble on a soft area rug than on a hard floor. The rug will absorb the fall and cause for less bruises and tears.

Making Over A Room

Of course, there’s also the superficial aspect of bringing an area rug into a room. You’ll be surprised by how much this design element can transform the space from drab to fab. There are so many different area rugs on the market with options like patterns, colours, textures, shapes and more. You’re guaranteed to find a style of rug that either makes a bold statement or blends into the pre-existing style of your room and ties everything together.

Reducing Noise

If you have downstairs neighbors, they will be thrilled to hear that you’ve added an area rug to your space. Except they won’t actually be able to hear anything. Rugs significantly reduce the amount of noise in a space. They absorb sound and echoes and make footsteps sound a lot quieter.