Speed Up Your Spine Surgery Recovery Using These Tips

Spine Surgery

You have finally undergone the spine surgery and are in the recovery phase. One of the most important aspects of a successful spine surgery is a successful recovery. If you have followed all of your doctor’s instructions before and after the surgery, your recovery should be quick. Following a few tips can not only speed up your recovery but lessen your post-surgical pain.

Following your doctor’s post-operative instructions is the number one way to reduce recovery time. Your doctor will give you a recovery plan with realistic pain expectations and management techniques. Your doctor may even restrict certain activities that may feel burdensome but do not go against the plan. Speak to a haas spine & orthopaedics today.

Tips to speed up spine surgery recovery

Follow your doctor’s post-operative plan

Following a spine or back surgery, your doctor will provide you with a set of instructions as a part of your post-operative treatment plan. While you may want to return to your regular life, go to work and hang out with your friends, ignoring the doctor’s instructions can cause various complications and even failure of the surgery. Your physician is probably going to suggest a lot of rest and eating a healthy diet.

Physical therapy

Depending on your surgery and doctor, you may be required to get physical therapy as a form of rehabilitation. Following back surgery, you may struggle to move your body effortlessly. You may want to rest in your room all day. However, a sedentary lifestyle can worsen your condition.

Safe exercises and movements that keep your back in a safe position are required for healing. Physical therapy also teaches patients how to dress and undress, how to get up from the bed or a chair, etc.

Stop smoking

If you smoke, consider quitting to make the recovery process easier. Smoking has various adverse effects on the human body, one of which is slowing down the healing process. From small cuts to extensive surgery incisions, smoking makes it hard to heal all wounds. If you have been smoking for a long time and are addicted, consider cutting down and seeking resources for help.

Do not ignore your pain

Some pain and discomfort are expected during the recovery stage of back surgery. However, different types of pain can mean different things. You should consult your doctor about which pain to expect to identify unusual ones. Knowing what to expect and what is normal will allow you to take prompt medical action in emergencies.