Socialdice: 3 Exciting Ideas To Run A Successful Photo Contest

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Instagram has almost 800 million users worldwide and is a hub of business activity. Instagram allows numerous techniques to promote your business. One such method is running a contest. Is your thinking which contest topic would be best to attract potential followers? When it comes to engaging, running an Instagram photo contest is fun and easy for the business to promote its product or services. 

Shall we start how to go with the Instagram photo contest? Of course, but before that, if you want to get more likes on your account, try to get free Instagram reels likes and gain fame without hassle. Now let’s begin to learn more about the tactics of the Instagram photo contests. 

What Is An Instagram Photo Contest?

An Instagram photo contest is a powerful marketing campaign where users submit beautiful photos and get a chance to win a prize. For example, a sponsor or a brand will share an Instagram post regarding the contest. A contest is generally based on a particular topic. When you take a photo contest, the subject may be nature, birds, etc., 

By watching those contest posts, anyone with basic photography skills can participate and submit their photos. These contests will run for a particular duration. Therefore, the participants should submit their files before the end date. If they fail to submit the photo, they cannot participate in the contest. After selecting the best image with all the pictures collected, the results will be announced. In general, the person who wins the contest will get a prize. 

Why Consider Running An Instagram Photo Contest?

The Instagram photo contest has a lot of valuable benefits as follows, 

  • When you create a branded photo contest, it will help to raise awareness and boost visibility. 
  • As well as, photo contests will build positive associations with your customers. It will develop a strong sense of community for your brand. 
  • If you conduct a photo contest, you could be able to get more fresh and unique photo ideas. 
  • If you are a bigger brand that wants to hire a professional photographer for your company, it would be best if you run a photo contest. 

 Pro-Tips To Run A Successful Instagram Photo Contest 

Running a contest always goes with three stages as follows, 

  • Pre-contest planning 
  • Building a contest 
  • Promoting a contest

Pre-Contest Planning

  • Define your goals – To create an excellent contest campaign, you must define your goals and objectives. Your goals will decide your end ROI. So keep your goal after completing proper research. 
  • Define your target market- Select your target audience. If you have a motive to make a broader reach of your product based on environmental-friendly, then choose to have a nature photo contest. The topics will depend on the creators.
  • Decide other features – You have to finalize the budget, prize, participant counts, time frame, and frequency. Analyze all the social media tools and measure success.  

Pre-contest planning will help you exceed your expectations and achieve your social media tools. If you want to build your brand authority, use SocialDice to skyrocket your growth. 

How To Run A Photo Contest On Instagram?

All you need to do is to announce your contest and showcase your prizes first. Next, give instructions and eligibility criteria to participate in the contest. The contest photo you post on your Instagram page should be with the hashtags. As the best idea, brands always provide their own company products as prizes. Further, you have to comply with Instagram’s promotion policies. If you want to run a successful photo contest, use SocialDice to grab your opportunities for fame. 

Ideas To Promote Your Contest 

  1. Make It User-Friendly To Enter The Contest

The easiest way to make people enter a photo contest is to send selfies or photos. Most companies ask participants to tag them in their photos to enter the photo contest. To make work simple, companies can use some software to collect pictures. It is worth creating different ways for people to submit their photos. 

  1. Cross-Promote Your Contest On Various Social Media

You can post your invitations for the contest through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If people miss watching your post on Instagram, they don’t miss the opportunity to participate. You can highlight your contests on Facebook stories as highlights will not be deleted for several days. Even you can add it to your blog page.

  1. Monitor The Success Of Your Contest

You can focus on e-mail marketing as well as Instagram ads. Don’t run ads for a long time and keep the contest for just two weeks. If you prolong it for a month, people will forget your contest. Monitor the contest success rate and tweak your tactics to improve your results. If you want to go viral on Instagram, you can get free Instagram reels views and elevate your growth. 


Create a well-curated photo contest strategy so that you can upgrade your business to the next level. Don’t create too much of rules and guidelines. With photo contests, you can also pull off talents and use them for your company. Try this opportunity. We hope this article is helpful. Read and comment below!