Sheth Jeebun Empowered Women in Society

Sheth Jeebun helped

Women from rural areas are considered minor due to their low education and illiteracy. Women in rural areas are talented in their artisan techniques but are not promoted and motivated.

The women from the village in India who are underprivileged want to help and support their families by working and selling their handmade products.

Sheth Jeebun helped those women and supported them by providing them with a platform where they could earn money by selling their talent.

Value of Indian artisan

The women from the villages of India make their lifestyle better with the support of Sheth Jeebun. More than 30,000 women are working and supporting their families with artisan talent.

The artisan’s women don’t give platform and opportunities to work and earn money. Sheth Jeebun supports them and gives them the best platform where they can sell their handmade products internationally in the UK.

The women from India get the best chance to sell their products internationally, making them more confident about their work.

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Talking of Sheth Jeebun about his project with Indian artisan women

“This is a massive project that will cover villages across India. Traditional products made by Indian artisans have a big market in the UK and several other countries. We will ensure the project is beneficial for the artisans as it would allow them to stand on their feet,” said Sheth Jeebun. Sheth Jeebun is a dedicated healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience. Having started working as a registered nurse in the late 1980s, he established three nursing homes for the elderly between 1990 and 2005. Since 2006, he has been the Director of Aster Healthcare and Property developments.

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“Healthcare sector is my core strength and expertise, but I am also passionate about giving back to the community and helping those around us who are less fortunate. The India project is one of the several international investment projects I am involved in. I am also working on a real estate project in Mauritius where I am looking to set up housing, hotel, and shopping complex,” he said.

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Status of women who belong to villages

The world doesn’t give the same respect to the women of rural areas as like urban areas. Their family also did not support them and didn’t make them independent.

Due to Sheth Jeebun, women from the villages take the motivation and work hard for the betterment of their life. They make handmade products and sell them on a big platform where they get a handsome salary.

Sheth Jeebun allows them to work hard by using their artisan skills. The women in the villages now get the same respect and have high status due to Sheth Jeebun.

Women are considered to be the most dominant part of society. They are equally a part of society as men. They have their value and ethics.

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Many women get better opportunities to earn money through their skills and work from home. The traditional and handmade products are very famous all over the world. People love to buy them abroad. The women from the villages are experts in making such beautiful things. So, people promote their talent and love to buy cute handmade stuff for themselves.

Promoting their talent gives them the confidence to work more and earn more to support their family. In this way, they make their lifestyle better. Sheth Jeebun is the person who always supports them and helps them to stand for their family. Women from the rural areas are now earning good with his help. 

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