Pride Month 2022 in Miami: Everything you Need to Know


Miami celebrates Pride twice a year, which is kind of incredible if you ask us!

Pride in Miami is observed in April, during Miami Beach Pride, and in Pride month, which lasts from June 1st till June 30th each year. It’s a great opportunity for people to come out and express who they are while also building a community and coming together in the best way.

If you’re in town or live in Miami, some of the best pride events and happenings from around town include the following:

Attend drag brunches in Miami

Miami is known for its weekly drag brunches, and there are several happening all throughout June. Each weekend you’ll find multiple restaurants hosting brunches with some of the most famous drag queens as hosts and guests and performers. You can check out some popular ones such as Palace Bar & Restaurant, R Wynwood, and more that have events lined up.

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These lunches are amazing opportunities to hang out with friends, enjoy the company and talent of some of Miami’s best drag performances, and celebrate Pride in full swing.

Enjoy themed cocktails around town

Another popular attraction that most businesses offer during Pride each year is themed cocktails. It may not seem like something special to many people, but for those of us who love a fresh and delicious drink, nothing beats Miami’s Pride-themed cocktails. From the craziest flavors to the whackiest stunts and accessories, you’ll have the most amazing drinks of your life during this time of year. Treat yourself to cocktails such as passionfruit sangrias, pear-flavored drinks, and more varieties, which are often associated with special causes.

What’s better than enjoying some delicious drinks while also supporting causes that matter to you?

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Stonewall Pride Parade & Street Festival

In honor of the iconic moment in history, the Stonewall Pride Parade & Street Festival happens each year during pride month, when people come together to march, demonstrate, and celebrate. It’s the perfect opportunity to come out and take the streets for causes that matter, including this year’s issue with the festival itself, which sparked controversy among organizers and attendees. Skyrocketing police costs have made the festival increasingly inaccessible and way more expensive than intended, shocking organizers who are struggling to cope with these expenses that are necessary for the safety and protection of participants.

Brickell City Centre’s month-long events

Brickell City Center will be hosting events all throughout Pride Month, which means you can check out some amazing local events happening there, including different classes, and lessons, including a cocktail-making session with Ginger Minj from RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is a headlining event.

They have other entertainment and educational activities and events, too, including cake and cocktail making, physical wellness sessions for yoga and HIIT, including kids classes, and more, to welcome allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a wonderful effort to bring together people from all walks of life in celebration of this wonderful month.

Upcoming events in the year

Beyond just these events, however, there’s a lot more happening in the latter half of the year too. We have some amazing festivals and events featuring multiple performances and attractions, including:

Celebrate Orgullo

Happening in October, Celebrate Orgullo is an event focused specifically on Latinx and indigenous people from the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a celebration of both aspects of their identities and does so through concerts, activations and launches, and much more.

The National LGBTQ Task Force Gala

Another annual event that has been taking place since 2004, the Task Force Gala, features an award-ceremony honoring and celebrating leaders, activists, and members of the community each year. You can learn more about it here.

SAVE Halloween Ball

Lastly, the spookiest, gayest event this fall is happening on Halloween. The SAVE Halloween Ball is a party like no other, with ghouls and gals coming together to celebrate their identities, raise money for important causes, and have a ball.

Miami is one of the most inclusive and diverse cities in the world, with some of the most amazing events and Seasonal stuff to do in Miami happening year after year to honor and celebrate members of the LGBTQ+ community. You can learn more about it through local publications such as Calle Ocho News.

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About the Author

Xavier B. is an LGBTQ+ activist and journalist who has been working as an independent writer in Miami for the last five years. Their writing focuses on social issues and events primarily.