Omaha Poker Rules and Game Structure


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Omaha is another popular kind of Poker played and is very similar to Texas Hold’em every player is dealt with 4 cards face down. The players need to make combinations using only two of their four pocket cards and three of five common cards on the table. Like any other poker game, you need to get familiarized with the rules before playing. Similar to Texas Hold’em, pot limit Omaha poker too can be played with a minimum of two and maximum of 10 players. Pot Limit Omaha Poker or PLO as it is popularly referred to is played most of the time. In Omaha you have the high and low split versions but usually when one refers to this game it often means the high version.

Unlike in Texas where the players are given two cards, in Omaha they are dealt four cards, but combinations can be made using two of those four cards and three community cards. The pot in Omaha Poker is split between the player with the lowest hand and the player with the highest hand. But in the event of multiple lower hands the winner is the player with the highest combination of cards. According to the Pokerbaazi website the smartest way to win this game is to play both Low and High hands simultaneously.

Furthermore, even in Omaha there are types:

·         Limit Poker is where the bet and raise amount is agreed upon in advance.

·         In Pot Limit the value of the bet and raise should not be more than what is in the pot already.

·         In No limit it is exactly as the name suggests, there are no limits to the bets placed. 

Beyond this there are different stages in the game as well. The structure of Pot Limit Omaha is such that the game is divided into four rounds of betting. The dealer is the one who takes his seat first on the table or the one who gets the highest value.

1.      Blinds: this round is the beginning where the two players to the left of the dealer button post the bets without seeing the cards. These are called Blind Bets. The player to the left of the dealer posts a small blind and the player to the right posts a bigger blind.

2.      Pre-Flop: this is when they begin playing with every player having seen their dealt cards. The player to the left of the Big Blinds commences by either a call (matching the bet in the pot), raise (increase the amount in the pot), or fold (surrendering his cards).

3.      Flop: the first three of the community cards placed on the table are placed face-up. The Small Blinds player begins the round and if he has folded then the round begins with a player who has not.

4.      Turn: is the fourth stage where the fourth community card is dealt face-up and the third round of betting commences. Again, if all the bets are equal then it moves to the 5th stage.

5.      River: the last betting round and the fifth community card is revealed.

6.      Showdown: this is where everyone has to show their cards and it either starts with the person who called or raised the bet first or the person to the left of the dealer.

Lastly, it might help you learn hand-rankings to know and understand the kind of cards you have been dealt. This makes making decisions easier since the entire 3 card poker game depends on the hand you have.