Mobile App Development – The Darker Face of the Moon


Do you want to create your own mobile app? Do you want it in 7 steps or less? So, this isn’t the article for you. The simplicity of mobile app development attracts many inexperienced businesses. The countless websites on the internet don’t actually tell customers what’s in store for them – the nitty-gritty details are frequently outsourced. The argument is that anyone with the necessary technical skills and money can get an app out there, but we’re attempting to empower you by making the process more open.

So, this is more of a cautionary post, teaching you the dangers of mobile app development and what to avoid. Furthermore, this may simply give you an idea of the amount of dedication required to enter this industry. Mobile app development is not for the faint of heart, so while we’re at it, let’s look at the moon’s darker side.

Mistakes, mistakes

Isn’t it true that everyone makes them? We’d rather prevent blunders that are too expensive for you, or ones that smash your aspirations after you’ve invested in something you don’t even understand.

Mistakes of many kinds, both technical and conceptual, can occur. Most individuals believe that manifesting an app into existence is impossible because they don’t know what they want an app for – they’ve only heard it’s the trendy thing to do.

Others have a conversion problem: they want to transform their business front (website or otherwise) into a mobile app version and fail miserably. The company and its mobile version may have nothing in common! Mobile app development is its own universe, and direct translation does not always work.

Platform Problems

So, do you want your program to target Windows, iOS, or Android mobile phones? Think again if you believe the App Store is an instant money maker due to the initial fees required. Some apps may not even run in the United States, where the App Store truly flourishes, but Android remains a worldwide force. When it comes to developing your mobile app, possibilities and alternatives must be considered because it is a major aspect while keeping your goals in mind.

Apps that assist you in finding toys for your pet hamster?

Have you ever heard of those bizarre app concepts that seem like a stoner’s wet dream? This is not the page to encourage such renegade thinking. If you have the money, by all means, be our guests and get that app out there, but there must be a demand for your app for it to sail.

Don’t make apps just because you’re the only one who thinks it’s a good idea to locate toys for your pet hamster to play with – if there are a lot of other people who have similar worries, then by all means, be our guests. Analytics and marketing can assist you with this. Feedback is always beneficial; know what your customers want before you plunge in.

The condensed Web experience

Many firms and entrepreneurs just release an app that is a scaled-down version of their website. This is a bad move. The mobile UI/UX experience is critical since it determines whether or not an app is usable. If customers came to your app because they wanted a more efficient, faster way to access your services, don’t provide them the same thing – it’s clunky, and mobile is a completely other world. Consider your options carefully.

The Right Guys

They always say, “Know who you’re going to bed with,” and this is especially true for your technological demands. If you don’t have the correct company and haven’t done enough research on them, or if they have questionable transparency concerns, you should reconsider.

Most organizations rely on outside assistance, so this stage is critical. Additionally, while it may be a mistake to believe that high-cost outsourcing is the best option, it is also a mistake to believe that low-cost sourcing is preferable. Rolling back your project and beginning again is an unpleasant sensation that you don’t want, therefore consider more than just price when hiring someone.

Security Breaches

This is one of the most obvious – most app developers go their separate ways when it comes to enforcing security and preventing data breaches on their apps, believing it to be completely secure. Despite the fact that mobile apps have many of the same security problems as web apps (XSS, insecure storage, Cross-Site Request Forgery, insecure communications), Mobile App Development Company Dubai believes mobile devices are safer by default and do not go through the same security-vetting process as other applications.

Remember, it’s the customer’s money and information on the line (and thus yours? ), so failing to plug them up early is a long-term and short-term problem.

Quick and furious monetization

Start thinking about monetization early in the development process, and be proactive in choosing the right path – or you’ll fail. Many people are unsure of which model will best suit their business – subscription, commission – whatever it is, a trial run is essential. You won’t find it until you make the decisions early on so that you can recover from temporary losses – later on, it may be too late.