Mermaid and Cinderella coloring pages

Cinderella coloring pages

Fairy tales are a genre of stories suitable for children’s psychology. The fairy tales told by the grandmother, mother, or teacher to the children will go deep into the subconscious of each child’s childhood, helping the children grow up with many feelings of beauty – bad, good. – evil in life. Stories provide children with milestones in behavior that are necessary for life. Children will always be fascinated by vivid, attractive images and miracles. Do children have beautiful pictures of princesses in fairy tales? If not, parents do not hesitate to bring Mermaid and Cinderella coloring pages and learn meaningful lessons through coloring pages.

Mermaid coloring pages: It is a profound lesson hidden in your baby’s fairy tale.

The fairy tale The Mermaid is a story rich in humanity by Andersen, about a sad but beautiful love of a mermaid who secretly loves a prince. Ariel, the Little Mermaid, the king’s youngest child, is a mischievous, hyperactive, curious girl who loves collecting objects and learning about the human world. On a stormy night, she saved Prince Eric and fell in love with him. But king initially hated humans because they massacred his family and did not accept his daughter’s actions. Ariel then met the witch Ursula and had to exchange her voice for a potion that turned into a human to meet the prince. That love is so strong that she is willing to give up her everyday life at the bottom and trade her voice for human-like legs. In the end, she would rather suffer a silent sacrifice than hurt the one she loves. No one will realize happiness when they have never known pain before and love giving without needing to reciprocate.

Fairy tales are often pink, supernatural forces always protect the main character, they have special abilities, and when there is a difficulty, someone will help. Their greatest strength is their honesty, so they always easily overcome problems. The Mermaid is a rare work that affirms that not all good people can quickly get help. Therefore, she must trade to get what she wants, even at an extremely high price.

Printable Mermaid coloring sheets

Coloring has always been a hobby for the little ones. Princesses and dolls will be the ideal color subject for girls: Mermaid – Disney’s princess with a particular shape. Not only beautiful and cute, but the Mermaid also possesses a passionate voice, helps others, and has a beautiful love for the prince. Indeed, there is a familiar character, making a deep impression on children’s hearts. Therefore, the baby will be very excited and look forward when coloring mermaid pictures. Mermaid coloring sheets will be a great gift parents give to their beloved children, especially girls. The mermaid character is a beautiful, charming princess loved by many children worldwide and is very close. Usually, to help children have the complete mermaid coloring pages, parents need to prepare adequate coloring tools for the baby. In addition, for the child to feel excited in every hour of painting, parents should prepare a few more stories about mermaids for their children. It helps children remember for a long time, makes them more impressed with the character, and helps them feel excited about coloring time.

Cinderella coloring pages: Love and honesty always bring us meaningful lessons.

Cinderella is the main character in the fairy tale “The Glass Shoe” she is a gentle little girl; unfortunately, her father died early, so she has to live with her step-aunt and half-brothers. Her life is miserable, her clothes are torn, and she has to work like a sin in the family; in contrast, her life as a stepmother and daughter is pleasing; having everything. After a long tiring day, she didn’t know who to confide in. The little animals around her were Cinderella’s closest friends, and she loved them very much.

Thanks to her honesty, kindness, and kindness, Cinderella was helped by a fairy; our princess Cinderella also found complete happiness in her life, married a prince, and lived happily together thanks to the lost shoe on that night of the party.

Love is enormous, and its power is unimaginable, and it does not only exist between people; even animals and things have their feelings. The stepmother did not allow Cinderella to attend the prince’s ball, even locking the door to lock her in the house. So why is Cinderella still able to walk and become the prettiest girl at the prom? That’s because there’s a fairy to help. She dressed Cinderella in beautiful clothes, even turned the squash into a carriage, and turned the dog and mouse into Cinderella’s servants, all of which stemmed from love for each other. Even though Cinderella no longer has a mother to be loved, even if her stepmother does not love her, these things can make Cinderella learn to love herself. Because she knows how to love herself, she can find what she wants to win by herself. Cinderella herself has a strong will and a desire to control her destiny, so she is always fighting to get her chance back. In life, if others take away an opportunity, you need to take it back or create the best one for yourself. Never giving up and loving yourself is the essential lesson everyone must learn when entering life.

Printable cinderella coloring sheets

Cinderella coloring sheets can be a picture that has gone deep into children’s memories and thoughts. Children’s childhood must have heard through many meaningful fairy tales about beautiful and cute princesses. And Cinderella herself is one of the great stories children will never forget. It will be more extraordinary when children can manually color their favorite pictures; the theme is today’s Cinderella coloring sheets. For girls, the image of the Cinderella princess is always their favorite image, from stories to paintings. Especially when the children reach the age to learn about life and learn to hold a pen, the pictures of the Cinderella princess are even more attractive. Cinderella coloring pages help children practice more hand skills and quickness in color recognition. Cinderella coloring sheets can help children develop more comprehensively and improve ingenuity, perseverance, and diligence.


Princess coloring is an entertainment activity that is loved by many children today. A beautiful princess coloring activity helps children have a restful and happy break, but it also helps them exercise and develops their brain thinking very well. Parents need to create good conditions and environments for their children to have time for princess coloring and other fun activities. Mermaid and Cinderella coloring pages are drawn from the image of princesses that Disney has built. We hope that children can learn coloring skills and meaningful lessons about life by themselves through each coloring pages.