Here’s How Your Business Can Use Pittsburgh Drone Photography Services for Marketing


Thanks to commercial drones, various industries’ marketing efforts have been bolstered and amplified. Despite their long history, it’s only now that different sectors are fully realizing the maximum benefits of using drone photography services in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvanian businesses are taking advantage of the incredible footage and images that commercial drones or sUAVs can provide. 

It’s time that you made the most out of drone photography.

It’s impossible to deny the recent surge in the popularity of drones. Businesses now use drones from halftime performances to pizza delivery. Reduced production costs and increased ease of use are two of the primary benefits of drone technology advancements.

While many drones we see at parks and beaches are being used by hobbyists to take high-quality photos, drones are also being used in the marketing world. Indeed, when used the right way, these small drones can become powerful marketing tools. 

How Do Drones Work?

Known as “flying robots,” drones are essentially crewless or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) fitted with HD cameras and other cool features to make them better suited for taking photos and videos. You can efficiently operate commercial drones through an autonomous system (autopilot) or manual controls via remote control.

If you plan to buy drones and wish to extend the time that your drones can stay up in the air, buying at least one extra battery is a good idea. The more batteries you have, the more power you pack on your trips. 

We recommend purchasing genuine OEM batteries so you won’t encounter compatibility issues. Still, there are also many high-quality after-market battery packs out there that can help you save a few bucks along the way. 

Make sure to keep your images in the highest setting possible so aerial photography services can work with them better. Most drones use CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) cameras.

How Can Drone Photography Services Help Market Your Business?

Drones can be the driving force behind your marketing efforts. Both video and still images from commercial drones provide stunning aerial views that are impossible to get from a regular photo or video shoot on the ground.

Your website, print materials, commercials, and more will leave a lasting impression on your audience thanks to these stunning images. Many of your current marketing strategies can also benefit from using drone footage and photography. You can use professional aerial photography services to produce materials for:

  •   Environmental branding
  •   Billboards, benches, and other outdoor advertisements
  •   Digital newsletters and eBlasts
  •   Your website
  •   Social media channels
  •   Print materials (brochures, direct mail, flyers, etc.)
  •   Annual reports
  •   Trade show displays

Are Drones a Huge Thing Right Now?

When you compare footage shot on the ground with footage from a drone, you can see the difference. As a bird’s eye view of the landscape isn’t easily accessible from the ground, you’ll find the drone footage fascinating. Your company is sharing an incredible display with your viewers.

The legality of flying drones has recently become a hot topic in the drone community. An aircraft certificate and registration, a pilot license, and operational approval are required to commercially use drones in the national airspace. The best drone photography services in Pittsburgh only work with licensed and certified drone companies and pilots.

Drones remain behemoths in marketing because they can deliver photography and videos like no other. It’s hard to match photography taken high in the sky unless you’re parachuting or shooting from a crane suspended over a field or city. The perspective is always hard to reach (pardon the pun), so businesses that can attack the digital marketing monster with commercial drones always stand out from the rest.

On the Legality of Drones and Use for Enjoyment or Work

The FAA, the US agency in charge of drone safety, provides crucial legal information on flying a drone for recreational or commercial purposes. In the United States, drones can be used for recreational and commercial purposes, as long as they meet FAA and local rules.

For recreational purposes, drones must be flown by a set of rules and regulations. If you fly your drone just for fun, you’re a recreational user. Whether you’re flying in the USA or abroad, where and when you can fly your sUAV and how to register your drone are all critical considerations.

Aerial videography and drone photography are two of the favorite pastimes of drone owners. Don’t be surprised if you see others constantly flying and traveling with their commercial drones. However, not all airlines or travel destinations allow drones. Moreover, not all drones are capable of traveling.

Whether you’re the pilot or drone operator support, you should familiarize yourself with drone regulations in both your departure and destination locations. Preparation ensures that you will always have all the necessary permits, licenses, and registrations in place before a trip. All major countries have some form of regulation on drones. 

We assume that you know how to fly a drone safely and are familiar with the federal laws and local statutes governing drone flight.

Because most drones are powered by lithium-ion/polymer (LIPO) batteries, you must follow all FAA hazardous materials regulations. Consequently, you should bring them in your carry-on luggage only if you need batteries for your LIPO devices. You may be able to take lithium-ion batteries into the airport in your checked baggage, but the rules for carrying a spare battery in your carry-on luggage are a lot easier to follow.

The Future of Drones in Marketing

An experienced advertising agency with expertise in drone marketing will deliver much more than just a drone video for your company’s promotional needs. Drone footage is a great way to market your product because people spend 88% more time on sites with this type of content format.

The use of drone photos and footage for social media marketing, such as posting new drone content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, is also something we might suggest. A great place to show off your business’ drone photos and footage is on YouTube, the second biggest search engine by queries. YouTube is also the third most popular and most visited site globally.

A creative, wide-reaching campaign can be created by combining Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views with Twitter’s promoted autoplay videos, which have the potential to turn your followers into leads or sales.

Agricultural, real estate, construction, news media, entertainment, film production, and energy are just a few of the many fields where commercial drone use is on the rise. Drones have made it easier for many industries to demonstrate the breadth and scope of their products, properties, and projects to audiences.

Using drones in commercial real estate marketing is becoming more common. Drone photography services in Pittsburgh are being used extensively in the real estate industry. Real estate agents used helicopters in the past. Now drones are proving to be an affordable and accessible alternative that allows them to save money and time, in turn, allowing them to show more properties.

The advantages of a location, accessibility, and local traffic patterns are also options with drone footage and photos. While real estate is a great example, the commercial use of drones for marketing isn’t limited to this industry.

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