Looking To Edit PDF Files? Use These 10 Best PDF Editing Tools

PDF Files

  PDFs are a common type of file people have to work with, but oftentimes people look at them and think, what do I do with this? That is because PDFs are a little bit harder to work with than their word processing counterparts. That is ok though because the key to working with PDFs is the PDF editor. Having a PDF editor will allow you or anyone else to work quickly and efficiently with PDFs. Once you learn the ins and outs of the editor that you are using the process will become very fluid. There are as many different PDF editors as there are uses of PDFs (many). So how do you choose a PDF editor to use? The best way is by checking out the tools it offers the user. For PDF editors, the tools they offer accomplish different things for different tasks. Once you know those you will be better able to decide on a PDF editor.

Main Features of PDF Editor Tools

PDF editors are all different but there are a set of industry standards and best practices when it comes to online PDF editors. They often have similar tools and functionalities but with some specific variations based on the editor you are using. PDFfiller for example is a PDF editor that is specifically oriented to helping people and businesses fill in PDF forms. But that is a specific PDF editor and although it is good for that purpose, it has other uses. For more mainstream PDF editors, there are a set of common tools you can check out here.

Best PDF Editor Tools

  1. Edit – Probably the most obvious PDF editor feature is the ability to edit PDFs. Being able to edit PDF online free means not only inputting text but being able to add images, copying information, and many other things. All PDF editors will have this tool, but they often operate in different ways so be sure to do your research.
  2. Convert – Besides editing a file, one of the other more common things you might have to do is convert a file into a PDF or vice versa. If you need to edit a Word document in PDF form, you will need an online PDF editor that features a convert PDF tool. This will allow you to work with a variety of document types.
  3. Split – The split PDF feature allows you to take a part of the PDF and split it away from the rest of the document, this is useful when you only need a small part of a page from a PDF but do not need the entire document. This can be for when you are creating a project or presentation, but with PDF editors, you can do more than just split a PDF from another.
  4. Merge – The merge PDF is the opposite of the split PDF tool in that it can be used to merge two or more PDFs into a single file. This is a great tool that is used when you need to make a large document or report or even a book. When you can merge files, it means you are not limited to having to sort through multiple PDF files to access needed information.
  5. Manage pages – When working with a large PDF file such as a book or industry report, there can be dozens and even hundreds of pages. This information needs to be sorted and organized. There is no single PDF feature when it comes to managing PDFs, but there are a series of them such as the page arrangement feature.
  6. Sharing – Different PDFs can be shared with other people, but some PDF editors offer different sharing tools such as Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF offers a sharing tool that lets you work and save your file directly to Google Drive, this means that you can share it with colleagues who can also work on the document.
  7. Secure – While it is useful to share your PDF with those who need to see it, there is also the issue of having it secured so that other people who do not need to see it are not permitted to do so. This can be done with an encryption tool that can password protect your PDF and limit those who are allowed to see it or work on it.
  8. E-sign – To further secure or legitimize your PDF document, you can opt to use the e-sign tool. The e-sign tool is very useful for those who need to sign something and send it to someone who is far away. In the era of Covid, this is very useful since more and more people are remote.
  9. Compress PDF – When working with a large PDF like a book, it is not always possible to send something of that size via email. So, it can sometimes be useful to be able to compress the document so that you can send it to someone.
  10. Highlight – When editing or reading a PDF, you might come across some important or specific piece of information you want to highlight, luckily there is a tool for that. Most PDF editors feature a highlight tool that lets you select a part of the PDF to highlight and show its importance.

Consider the best tool that suits Your needs

These are all great tools, but the need for each tool will vary from user to user since not everyone needs the same thing. To figure out which tool you need, you first need to understand what you need the PDF to do. If you need to sign a contract, then the e-sign tool, if you need to share PDFs with others, Lumin PDF is probably a great option. That is not to say that all PDF editors are one tool specific, but that by knowing what you need to do will inform your choice more accurately. With this in mind, if you do your research, you will discover which PDF editor can best help you with your files.

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