To access learning management, you must first log in. This guide will walk you through the process. The virtual university has a wealth of information for prospective students, including Who signs in the learning management system?

If you’ve lost your lms vu password or don’t know how to log in, don’t panic. Recovering passwords is possible on the website. Using a web page and accessing the internet is all that is required. Please follow the steps in the email sent to you as a part of the recovery process. Enter your email address, then click the link to get your login and password back. The new password will be sent to you. Access the system, then begin the course using this email.

Personal and educational data may be found under the learning system home category. If you’d want to know how many lectures are planned for the week, you may do so here. A learning system is a program that assists the general public, particularly the lowest socioeconomic strata. Thanks to the ease of online access, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive the information you need. If you can’t make it to lectures in person because of time restrictions, a virtual learning system is a must-have tool for you!


  • Step 1

Begin by launching the MonitorWare Agent

  • Step 2

There is a choice of languages available. Again, I recommend that the instructions be written in English, making them simpler to follow.

  • Step 3

Right-click “Rules” to create a new rule set. A menu will open up. “Add Rule Set” may be found in this menu.

  • Step 4

The magic begins at this point. If you want to change the rule title, just do so. “Database Logging” will be used in this example.

  • Step 5

Only Database Logging should be checked. No other selections are required for this sample. The “Create a Regulation for each of the following actions” options should also be chosen. Select “Next.” A confirmation screen will appear. To construct the rule set, click “Finish.”

  • Step 6

The new “Database Logging” rule set is visible. Click “Database Logging” in the rule’s action level and then ” Configure ” to set up the database logging.

  • Step 7

To access the ODBC Multiple Data Administrator, click the Sources Of data (ODBC) button. The ODBC Multiple Data Administrator will now be shown. To add a new System-DSN, go to the “Computer DSN” tab and click the “Add” button.

  • Step 8

In the following step, click the “Select” button and select the example database sample97.mdb from the MonitorWare Agents installation directory (typically C: program filesMonitorWareAgent). The new DSN is named “MyDatabaseDSN” and pressed OK in the following screenshot.

  • Step 9

Once you’ve finished using the ODBC Multiple Data Administrator, return to the MonitorWare Agents Client and enter “MyDatabaseDSN” into the DSN box. To preserve the modifications, leave all the other settings at their defaults.


You may wonder whether your Virtual University diploma is recognized in the nation where you want to work. This is a resounding “yes” in this circumstance. According to WES, the world’s most prominent education organization, a degree from a virtual university is recognized and approved. In Canada, a virtual institution degree is comparable to a one-year postgraduate diploma.

The term “virtual university” refers to a university that offers online courses in higher education. A broader range of individuals can access the same educational programs via these methods. For students living too far away from a university or who need more freedom than a typical campus-based institution can provide, this is an excellent option. Universities all across the globe embrace it as well.

There are a few restrictions. The value of a degree from a distance learning institution is often inferior to that of a degree from a conventional university. Undergraduate classes are judged on the quality of the exams and assignments that their students turn in. For example, a “Mickey Mouse” course may be nothing more than a collection of meaningless tasks. Because of this, creating a challenging test for a faraway audience might be tricky. As a result, remote education’s advantages are lost. A typical university-style curriculum and examinations are thus required.

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