Learning techniques: Tips on how to memorize exam information faster

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Learning is a mental work that does not always produce the desired results quickly. One manages to memorize new information quickly – another takes much more time.

With the start of the exam period, a lot of information needs to be learned and repeated in a short time, so it is not uncommon for people to search the internet for information on how to learn quickly, how to remember things, and tips on learning and remembering.

The study helper website documents.exchange , taking into account the lack of this information and the interest of students in this topic, shares useful tips that will help to absorb information faster, which will especially help in preparing for exams.


Do you think mood can be an important factor in speeding up / slowing down the memorization of new information? Really so! Some students “like” one lesson and another do not. For example, if you are suffering from a math lesson and are already in the mood to do so, it is not worth expecting good results.

In this case, the human brain immediately decays the new information. Try not to have preconceived notions about one lesson or the other: “I really don’t understand this,” “I really won’t learn this,” and so on.

Think logically

Learning new information often seems to be the best way to “beat” it, but it will not remain in the human brain. In order to learn information for a long time – you have to think logically. What does this mean? After reading the sentence, think about what you meant by it? After reading a few sentences or paragraphs, name a few key statements.

Delete the most important things

You have to read and learn a lot of information in preparation for the exam, so when reading new information, try to select and mark the most important aspects. Try to take note of the underlined statements and just review the rest of the information. This feature of the material will allow useful information to be repeated quickly and easily in the future, for example, the day before the exam.

Link information to pictures

You have probably noticed that the various educational literature contains not only a single text, but also a number of illustrations. Who needs them? Pictures often complement the thought of the text. It is much easier for pupils or students to remember information when it is depicted in the form of a cartoon. In the illustration, for example, you see the rulers and the year depicted. Such a drawing will definitely help to better remember the years of historical personality management. So if you see when analyzing a new topic and be sure to analyze the pictures, they are not just for yourself, it will make it easier to absorb the new material.

Create associations

When learning new information, don’t be afraid to associate it with various associations. For example, if you are studying biology and need to remember fat-soluble vitamins: A, E, D, K. You can put the word “DEKA” in your mind (thanks to the word thank you), such an association will definitely make it easier to remember and you will not confuse the word “thanks” during the exam. “.

Change learning tactics

There are many ways to learn these days. You can read books. You can watch videos, listen to audio books, lectures and so on. All learning tools are good, but it’s worth remembering that changing learning tactics makes it much easier to absorb new information. So after reading a chapter in a book on one topic or another, it is recommended to review the video material on the same topic or take self-assessment tasks / tests online.

Take breaks while studying

The abundance of information can be extremely exhausting and should not be over-grabbed. Don’t try to learn everything in one night. It will be much more beneficial if you study in small portions, taking regular breaks.

Meditate at least 15 minutes daily. Concentration will calm the brain. You will relax and continue to learn and easily take note of new information.

We hope that the tips about faster memorization will be useful for your studies. Also you can check other study resources that will help to study more effectively and prepare for exams. Good luck!