Johari window model, Importance of johari window model, when leading



Johari Window Model, an awareness of self and others. Johari Window model is a very important management psychology model that can be used to improve people skills, communication and management personality. The Johari Window Model helps you grow your communication ability, understanding, trust and relationships with others. Most importantly, it helps you improve yourself as a manager too. With the help of Johari Window Model, you know how to become a better leader in any type of situation. Leading is a complex but very rewarding process that can be difficult to master, especially if you don’t know how to do it or recognize, how to do it. If you are having trouble leading your team effectively, the Johari Window Model can give you a good head-start in identifying as well as managing problems that may develop in your team.

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in many leadership programs. One of the many tools I have learned about is the Johari Window. Though most people have heard about this model, many do not really understand how it applies to a real business scenario. Here, I am going to discuss with you about this model, what is it, what is importance of Johari window model and many more. So, read it keenly and, I hope you will find useful information after this.

What is Johari window model

Johari window model is a psychological tool used to describe personality and, the process of self perception. This model was developed by Luft and, Ingham two great psychiatrists. The purpose of this model is to raise self awareness about our personality traits and, characteristics. So we can change negative behaviors. This model is now used in project management while, managing your team. This model has now become a great tool in management and, it can help one while, leading any team.

The Johari Window Model is based on four quadrants that represent the following:

The open self

The Open Self is the area where you are totally aware of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and what you have done.

The blind self

The Blind Self is where you are not aware of your own behavior; this means that you do not know what other people think about you or what they know about you.

The hidden self

The Hidden Self is where some things about yourself are known only by others but not by you; for example, if someone knows that you are scared of spiders but does not tell anyone else about it, then this fear would be part of your Hidden Self.

The Blocked self

Finally, there is the Blocked Self, which refers to things that only others know about us but we ourselves do not know; for example, if our boss tells one of his friends that he thinks we are lazy, but we did not hear him say this or if he says something bad about us behind our back then this would be part of our Blocked self.

Importance of Johari window model when leading

1: The Johari window model is a useful tool for understanding yourself and others. The model helps you to identify what you know about yourself, what others know about you, and what you don’t know about yourself.

2: This can be applied in project management to help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your team members. It can also be used to analyze stakeholders’ needs, expectations regarding the project.

3: Johari window model help you to maintain better relationship with your stakeholders.

4: It is also useful when communicating with others, and, making a stakeholder analysis during project management. Because it gives you an insight into what they are thinking about themselves and, their relationships with others.

5: It can also be used to improve teamwork, and, leadership skills while, managing a project.

6: It is a great way to help build trust with your team members, your customers, and other important stakeholders.

7: It helps to identify, opportunities and threats of stakeholders.


Planning and the success of a project all fall apart when there is no communication. That is why it is critical to know everything about your co-workers and, your clients. Ass a leader in the project management world, you must have good understanding about the importance of Johari window model and, also about making a stakeholder analysis. The success of your project depends on your ability to keep everyone well-informed at all times. Therefore, as a leader, you should spend time regularly performing a Johari window exercise with the people that they manage. The Johari window model can be really helpful and, will help you obtain necessary information to successfully complete a project.