Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company? Ratings and Reviews!

Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company

Timeshare scams are a severe problem, with billions of dollars lost yearly due to fraudulent activity. It’s concerning that despite this, timeshare companies continue to be popular within the travel industry. But isn’t it sound wondering? Right!  

Why do people fall for these timeshare scams, even when they know it’s not a good idea? However, for those who have fallen victim, it’s worth looking into trustworthy timeshare cancellation companies like Timeshare Compliance to help alleviate the situation. 

This post provides better insight into the top timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare Compliance and answers: Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company

About Timeshare Compliance 

Started providing its services in 2012. Timeshare Compliance is one of the top timeshare exit companies headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. Like many other timeshare cancellation companies, Timeshare Compliance claims to exit the timeshare contract. But what makes them better than other companies? It’s a service! The services they provide to their clients include credit monitoring service, 27/7 availability, legal experts, and many more.  

Ratings and Reviews of the Timeshare Exit Company 

Before hiring any timeshare cancellation company, you should do a complete background check about the company. The background check involves information regarding the online presence, successful cases, and previous clients’ opinions about the company. 

Timeshare Compliance has its presence on multiple online ratings platforms like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, Google, and more. On online rating platforms, people give positive and negative ratings based on their experience with the company. These reviews are based on the company’s services, successful termination, working staff, and, most importantly, termination duration. 

  • On Better Business Bureau’s rating page, the company is graded A+ based on the best services for timeshare cancellation. It has 4.65 stars out of 5 stars given by previous clients based on their experience. Moreover, the company has no complaints regarding the cancellation process. 
  • In addition, the Trustpilot rating of the company is 4.3 stars given by past customers. The customer’s feedback shows that the company provides its best services and has a dedicated team who work tirelessly to eliminate the contract. 
  • The Google ratings of the company are pretty impressive. The company has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5 stars based on the reviews given by previous clients. 

Can You Trust Timeshare Compliance? 

The company’s online ratings show that they have resolved many successful cases without any hassles. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of services like escrow payments, financing options, legal experts, and more. However, there are some terrible things about the company, like they don’t offer a money-back guarantee. Some reviews of the company state that it takes more time to cancel a timeshare. But it’s always advisable to check the background and if you can talk or gather information from previous clients. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, if you’re in a situation where you are struggling to release yourself from your timeshare contracts, you are not alone. Despite many resorts claiming policies allowing you to return your timeshare, many make it incredibly difficult, and some even make it seem impossible. Consider contacting a timeshare exit company like Timeshare Compliance to help navigate this tricky process. But before signing the deal with the company, you must know- is Timeshare Compliance a legit company? The only way to get the answer to this question is by thoroughly researching the company. It will help you decide whether the company suits your timeshare exit needs or whether you need to move forward for another one!  

Hopefully, this article will provide you with some clarity on the top timeshare cancellation company and help to dispel any confusion that may exist.