Install the Best Security Camera – The Essential Questions to Ask the Camera Installer

the Camera Installer
the Camera Installer

Each security camera installation project is different. When it’s about the security camera system, it is necessary to join hands with an expert and knowledgeable installer. Having said that, you might have several questions that you should get addressed to make the installation worthwhile. 

There are several companies that provide you with the best security camera. To know more about it, you can check out Old Saybrook, CT. These companies have security camera consultants that can address all your questions to provide you clarity before the consultation. Some of the crucial questions to ask them include:

  • What are the types of hard drives that you use?

It is possible for you to invest in the advanced IP network cameras that have the Fisheye lenses and the Pan-Tilt-Zoom features. Ensure that you know the kind of hard drive your installer is planning to use so that you have the correct tools for the project. If the installer is resorting to a sub-par hard drive, chances are you will witness performance issues. It will also reduce the lifespan of the camera. 

The outcome of not using the storage built for the security industry can indicate losing out on actual footage. The dedicated surveillance hard drives are more advanced, durable, and reliable compared to desktop hard drives. But it is still essential for your security and installer to ensure that the hard drive gets compatible with the surveillance system. 

  •  How to weatherproof the connections?

You have to invest a significant amount on the security camera for your organization. It is done to secure the connections that run to and from all the cameras, which helps in long-term maintenance. Hence, you should have a clear idea about the weatherproofing precautions the installer is using. You should also know what can happen when they fail to use the precautions. 

The IP rating of the camera classifies the protection degree that gets provided by a camera’s housing. If your security camera is inside, chances are you will not require a high IP rating camera. But if the cameras have to withstand extreme weather conditions, you will need cameras with high IP ratings. Also, because the outdoor cameras will get exposed to dust, moisture, wind, and various other debris, you will have to ensure that the installer uses cameras that are IP66 or better than that. 

  • What is the cable type being used?

When a bridge gets built, you think that the concerned construction company uses the best quality cables to ensure that the project is sustainable and robust. The same logic is applicable to the network cables used by the installer. If the network cables aren’t correct, chances are your security camera system will experience failure quicker than you can imagine. 

You must ask your security camera installer these three questions to ensure that they are executing the project correctly. It will also ensure that your security camera lasts for a longer time.