Important Features of an Automated Calling System

Automated Calling System

The call centers these days initiate outbound calls for a variety of purposes – selling products, generating leads, running telemarketing campaigns, raising funds, making important announcements and conveying important information. Most call centers these days leverage automated calling systems to schedule and initiate these voice calls without deploying extra agents.

In addition to dialing telephone numbers automatically, the automated calling software detects answering machines, voicemail, unanswered calls, busy tones, and disconnected calls intelligently. They play a pre-recorded message only when the outbound call is answered by a live person. The consistent growth of the call center software market depicts the importance of automated calling systems for modern businesses and call centers.

Many call centers or businesses take advantage of the automated calling system to deliver important messages to customers, employees, students, members, voters, or residents instantly and effortlessly. The cloud-hosted automated calling solutions enable call centers to broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of contacts without incurring high infrastructural and operational cost.

The new age automated phone calling systems further come with robust features to simplify management and monitoring of a variety of voice broadcasting campaigns.

Understanding Key Features of an Automated Calling System

Let’s take a look at the key features of an automated calling system:

1. Broadcast Voice Messages in Bulk

Many organizations leverage automated calling systems to deliver a variety of voice messages to customers, employees, agents, members, and residents automatically and instantly. The automated calling software comes with built-in features to send reminders, notifications, alerts and offers in the form of voice messages.

The businesses take advantage of these features to run marketing campaigns, while the politicians use the features to stay connected with voters and party workers. The sophisticated automated calling systems help users to create, deliver, and track a variety of voice messages without putting extra time and resources. Great for small businesses that need to learn how to set up VoIP phone from home.

2. Run Press-1 Campaigns

In addition to facilitating political and marketing campaigns, the new age automated calling systems help organizations to conduct a variety of surveys and poles automatically. Some automated calling software helps users to run press 1 campaigns by supporting interactive voice broadcasting.

They allow the listeners to share feedback or suggestions by pressing a specific key after listening to the pre-recorded voice message. Many businesses leverage the feature to collect customer response conduct market research and carry out customer satisfaction surveys without deploying extra agents.

3. Send Blast Calls in Bulk

Along with simplifying voice broadcasting campaigns, the automated calling software also helps users to send blast call to thousands of contact instantly and automatically. The users take advantage of the call blasting feature to send blast calls in bulk to a large number of customers, voters, students, or members at once.

The automated calling system comes with features to accelerate contact list uploading, blast call delivery, and real-time report generation. These features make it easier for users to eliminate the need to repeat the same information to individual contacts without using specialized equipment.

4. Voice Message Customization

In addition to delivering voice messages in bulk, the sophisticated automated calling software allows users to create and customize voice messages in a number of ways. Most systems make it easier for users to generate voice messages by providing text-to-speech solutions.

However, many software solutions allow users to record and upload their own audio files. Some cloud-based voice broadcasting service providers allow clients to avail professional voice recording.

5. Importing Telephone Numbers in Bulk

The cloud-hosted automated calling systems are easier to customize and extend than conventional automated calling systems. The contact list uploader provided by the software allows users to import a large number of telephone numbers from various sources – databases, spreadsheets, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Many businesses these days integrate cloud-based automated calling software with their existing CRM systems to import telephone numbers of contact with a pre-existing relationship.

6. DNC List Management

While running outbound calling campaigns, the telemarketers need to ensure that no promotional outbound call is initiated to a telephone number which is on the do not call (DNC) list. The sophisticated automated calling systems help businesses to broadcast voice messages only to customers who want to receive promotional messages.

They perform DNC list checking to ensure that no voice message is delivering to a contact who does not want to receive telemarketing calls. The feature helps businesses to avoid paying hefty federal fines for violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR).

7. Campaign Scheduling

Many cloud-hosted automated calling solutions allow telemarketers and sellers to boost sales conversion by broadcasting promotional messages at the right time. The businesses take advantage of the campaign scheduling feature provided by the software to deliver pre-recorded campaign messages to a large number of customers at the right time. The sophisticated automated calling systems even allow users to select and change the time zone before delivering campaign messages in bulk.

8. Real-Time Reporting and Tracking

In addition to supporting campaign scheduling, the new age automated calling systems also come with features to help users monitor and evaluate marketing campaigns. They allow decision-makers to assess marketing campaigns by generating successful and unsuccessful reports based on real-time information.

At the same time, the users also have the option to check if the messages are being delivered to the customers by generating extensive reports.

9. Custom Caller IDs

Many automated calling software allows businesses to broadcast campaign messages using customer caller IDs. The feature enables users to run telemarketing campaigns without revealing their personal or business telephone numbers.

Many businesses leverage this feature to increase connection rates and callbacks by using telephone numbers which are familiar to the customers. However, the businesses still have the option to use their own contact numbers.

The automated calling system helps call centers and businesses to deliver important messages to a large number of contacts with a pre-existing relationship without investing extra time, effort, and money. A call center also has the option to choose from a wide range of automated calling software solutions.

The automated calling systems differ from each other in various aspects including features. Hence, the users need to keep in mind the precise needs of the voice broadcasting campaigns while comparing the features of automated calling systems.